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"The Voice": Adam Levine took a bizarre step to save a team member, and the audience is angry

Adam Levine tries to explain himself in the Top 1
0 earnings episode of "The Voice" season 15. (Trae Patton / NBC)

It took a bizarre turn in the episode "The Voice" on Tuesday night when a finalist was rescued from exclusion without even playing a song – and some extremely unfortunate fans accuse Adam Levine.

Levine The coach, who played since his premiere seven years ago on the hit NBC singing show, was in the midst of the biggest controversy this season. On Monday evening, the top 10 finalists appeared. As usual, on Tuesday everyone gathered for the audience-determined results to see which singers would survive the semifinals next week.

The craze started when Carson Daly hosted the contestants and one person was missing: Reagan Strange, the 14-year-old soul-pop singer.

"She is in the building, does not feel well at the moment, does not join us. But it's still here in the spirit and part of the show, like for now, "Daly assured the audience. "So we think of them."

In most cases, an absence would be unusual, but not a big deal – except when Daly read the results, Strange was one of the last three voices The 39-year-old country artist Dave Fenley and the 22 year old R & B soul singer DeAndre Nico. Since only two singers were to be eliminated, all three had the chance to save themselves (the "instant storage" of the show) by recording another song as the fans tweeted a special hashtag for their favorite.

The only problem? Strange, who had played "Cry" on Faith Hill's show Monday, was now too sick to sing.

And you can only save one of them. Unfortunately, Reagan still feels under the weather, she will not be able to perform tonight. "Daly said seriously, then a twist!" He explained the rules: "You can still tweet to save Reagan … she will not act that way, but she is not out of it." [19651] Die Producers suddenly turned to a scared-looking Strange standing next to their mother in a bathrobe, and the situation soon became even stranger as Fenley played Lonestar's "Amazed" while Nico accompanied John Legend's "All of Me" and the other coaches (Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson) gave their praise: after Nicos song, it was time for Levine to voice his thoughts as he – along with Strange – was a member of Levine's team. (Fenley was in Shelton's team.)

I'm a bit confused as to why you're down, which baffles me, but I want to say that, "Levine began, pausing as he practiced a tactful approach sought to formulate his remarks.

"There is now an incredibly talented little girl who is unable to fight for his position on this show. And you were lucky enough to sing tonight. And man, you sang like a champion, "Levine said. "I can not sing for Reagan. Reagan has to sing for Reagan, and she is not here. "

Nico had the look of a man who felt that things were not going well as his coach seemed to be a bigger fan of his other teammate. The camera shuttled between Nico and Strange, who was still standing behind the stage. Reagan Strange on "The Voice". (Trae Patton / NBC)

"It's really hard for me, not just …" Levine stopped. "As much as I should ask all of you to vote for this man, because he should never have been down." He paused again. "I do not know if I have the heart to not tell everyone -" Levine paused again and looked frustrated.

Finally, Levine decided, "I have a very special relationship with Reagan, and I have two little girls at home, the thought of breaking her heart by not forcing everyone to give this girl a shot, to recover next week would be too far below me. "

" I want you to know that I love you, I appreciate what you've done here tonight, and honestly, you should but I have to fight for my girl, "Levine said to Nico as Strange started crying," and I have to make sure I represent her right now because she had no chance to vote tonight So I'll use it as much as possible for her to make sure she can do it next week, that's all I can say, it's weird. "

It was one of the more unpleasant television moments we did for some time When the show was commercial, the producers briefly showed the live results for #VoiceSaveDave, #VoiceSaveDeAndre and #VoiceSaveReagan. Strange and Nico were with 38 percent and 37 percent of the vote on the neck.

A few minutes later, Daly announced the announcement, "America rescued immediately. , Reagan Strange! ", He screamed. "What a story for Reagan Strange, who was not able to play, nor was eligible for your vote, and America will bring her to the semi-finals!"

In a way it was nice to see a young singer (obviously devastated) bad luck getting sick) land another shot. Strange was too much emotion to not even look at the camera, and her fans were thrilled.

However, there were a few other viewers who, we say, were not thrilled that Levine had so thoroughly thrown one of his team members under the bus on live television. While Nico was merciful and thanked Levine for his support throughout the season, furious tweets poured in so quickly that it was hard to keep up – "shame on Adam Levine" was a common phrase.

Angry comments also flooded Levine's Instagram. Facebook comments on "The Voice" are also a mess. A little example from Twitter:

Even John Legend noted that something was going on:

"The Voice" could turn this into a great publicity stunt and – as some fans suspect let Nico do it again next week? We would not override it.

In any case, producers need to be aware of the repercussion. (And hopefully they shield Strange, a teenager who did nothing wrong, from the social media pile-up.) During the episode, according to Levine's comments, Clarkson seemed to sense that a storm was imminent – she jumped quickly up to defend her colleagues coach.

"I know Adam and his heart and I know that he loves his team. He really feels bad for Reagan, "she said, adding that Nico sang" hell out of his song ". "I just wanted to say that I know it's so horrible that Reagan can not present himself. , , So, please, you know, that's where it comes from, he's got evil for her. Everyone did a fantastic job tonight, a really great job.

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