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The Wait is Over for the Golf Industry Show in Orlando

The Golf Industry Show has ended the suspense publishing the dates of the most awaited event in the golfing world. It’s one of those platforms that give you exposure in the golfing activities to find some networks and learn something unprecedented. The show invites some of the best decision-makers of the golf facilities under one roof. Everyone, including golf course equipment managers, owners, operators, general managers, CEOs, mechanics, and even the workers in a golf course, come together to discover something amazing.


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The Estimated Count of Visitors

Visitors can be of two types. One can be an exhibitor who showcases what he has in store for the other visitors in the show. It can be a Golf course equipment, a new idea to maintain the golf course is better, effective pesticides, aerators, new designs for a golf course, a new type of grass, soil, etc. The exciting part is that everything can be traded. And imagine if you can implement a strategy yourself in your golf course. Wouldn’t it be an amazing experience?

The estimated count of routine visitors is around 2,000, and for exhibitors, it’s about 500.

What Does the Show have in Store?

The exhibitors showcase innovative and new ideas and equipment, and the participants trade for them. As the name suggests, it is a groundbreaking trade show for anyone interested in golf or golf courses. Any technological advancement that happened in the area of golf first comes to this platform and then executed in the next few days to come. The most important part is to have conversations with people who brought on these Innovations in the market in front of you. The networking opportunities are immensely beneficial for any golf course owner.

Along with this, the NGCOA, CMAA, and DCSAA are going to present their educational seminars and conferences during the show. Some other unique features of the show include an exhibition, presentations, free education, new product introduction, inside the shop features, drone education, and some Golf course demonstrations with the latest techniques embedded. Believe us, it’s going to be real fun.

The Show Schedule

The show is scheduled to be held from 25th to 30th January. The greatest part is going to be held on 29th and 30th January, when everyone is done exhibiting what Innovations they have brought to the table. Everyone there is excited about the trade show because some golf course facilities can implement what they always dreamt of, Innovation, and better effectiveness within the facility.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are a golf enthusiast, this is the best place you could be in your lifetime. Imagine you can visit any number of booths that satisfy your enthusiasm for golfing and golf courses.

Every day has something new for you. To get some more insights on Golf course equipment, visit booth number 626 operated by Statewide Turf Equipment, one of the leading dealers in new and used golf course equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now.

Be More Informed

To know everything about the show, visit the official website to communicate and book tickets. Make sure you visit on the right day at the right time to find your cup of tea in the golfing world. Don’t miss anything that you would regret afterward. Go through the schedule and manage your timetable accordingly.