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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 14: "Scars" Recap

Warning: Full spoilers follow for the episode …

On the shocking footsteps of Season 4's "The Grove," this half-flash episode this week follows everything about the morbid events that are causing Michonne, her heart – and Alexandria's doors – closing for strangers, was an exciting and cruel affair. It was not completely solid, but it's been a while since the show got involved in extreme violence against children (Carl does not count that he was aged and was a fair play). So there was an extremely hard vibe here, which I dug up. And what Michonne endured felt heavy enough to change his view of the world in the following years.

It made sense to deceive Michonne from a close childhood friend (played by Rutina Wesley of True Blood / Queen Sugar) that she was Obviously did not know she had become wild and scary, but it was still not enough time to build up their former relationship to shock the betrayal. We also knew that the bad fate was gone, so bitter betrayal was the only option. If the episode had consisted of all the flashbacks, we might have had a few more scenes with them to sell their past.

Splitting the episode between past and present was still the way forward. And not only because of the floats at the end, when Michonne made his way through hikers and children (with the zombie-gore for the mutilated children). No, because the horrors of the past, which disappeared fairly quickly after Rick, while Michonne was still pregnant, Judith concerned, and it was already determined two weeks ago that Judith was the one who persuaded Michonne to change their ways. So in the end, it made sense to fold the story about yourself.

And ̵

1; boy – that was brutal. And I feel terrible that Michonne will probably have to go through something terrible earlier than later with the Whisperers. As soon as she has agreed to become more loving and open, she will have to endure another cruelty. Because the agony of what she and Daryl had done years ago was damned cruel. The fear and vulnerability. The pain of being stigmatized and beaten during pregnancy. And then the wickedness of hacking other kids to save your own child. Yes, Wesley's character, Jocelyn, was in the zompocalypse business of stealing and hardening children. To prepare you for a terrible, cruel world. Judith was kidnapped, and Jocelyn's own recruits, their toy soldiers, forced Michonne to assassinate them all. It was a nightmare through and through.

And again it reminded me of "The Grove". Not necessarily because crazy kids have died, but because Carol used to be close to Jocelyn. She did not steal children, but she was definitely in the "hard love zone," she wanted children to train with weapons and train with weapons. The show made some awkward parallels between Michonne and Alpha a few weeks ago, but to be honest, Jocelyns was more of a natural endgame for mourning mothers in the Apocalypse.

This story also took advantage of Daryl's well and continued his powerful show this new Rick-less era. He was not only immediately more interesting than Rick, as the man who vowed never to stop looking for him (and only then to come back), but also as Michonne second in the rescue mission. Then, in the present, he had a nice moment with Judith behind secure Alexandrian walls and respected Michonne's wishes. The fact that Michonne only let her in because Daryl was there speaks volumes for her respect.

"Scars" will be remembered for its grandiose and spooky climax and will eventually reveal the backstory behind Michonne's overprotectiveness, but also sent Daryl, Judith and Negan also pushed forward a bit – as Negan Baby stepped closer to a piece to win trust from Michonne. The fact that he had told Judith all the horrible things he had done, did not protect details, and explained why people hated him, was a sweet touch. Because Negan had nothing to gain. It just showed that A: he's best around children and hates lying to them, and B: he thinks Judith is an unwavering, if not weird, friend.

We still do not know why Michonne and Maggie had terrible arguments. Because that happened much later. I think we calculated about a year ago from the present time of history. Or a little less. Because Jerry had just announced that his baby would come between Alexandria and Hilltop a few weeks or months after the strain. So Michonne refused to do anything that could help Hilltop because it was too risky for Alexandria.

  • Michonne's passive aggressive subtitle at Lydia was a funny moment. But is Lydia capable of the kind of compassion it takes to leave Henry because she wanted to protect him? I think she basically did that, back in Hilltop. Maybe Michonne's words will work.
  • I am glad that Connie has experienced this completely different adventure. It really hurt all new characters to have them constantly in each other's orbits.
  • The Verdict

    The Walking Dead has put Michonne under pressure both in the past and in the present this week, as Judith was in danger. She unleashed rude fury to save her. The flashbacks, however, were the poison that showed us the wild price she had to pay to save her child, while today was the remedy to bring Michonne and Judith closer together and with a new understanding. It may have been better to get that back story sooner, but at the point where it helped break the Whisperer story.

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