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The war over Obamacare continues

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9, 12:36 GMT

By By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Carrie Dann

WASHINGTON – Sunday The Trump Justice Department noted that there was insufficient evidence that President Trump had given the Justice had hampered.

On Monday, the same department said that the entire Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was unconstitutional – and the political conversation turned its back on health care.

In an application filed with the Fifth Federal Court, three lawyers said they support a lower court ruling, claiming that the entire law is now unconstitutional because its individual mandate has been reduced to a $ 0 tax bill, Washington writes Post

The controversial reasoning here: Since the Supreme Court has upheld the ACA's mandate as exercising the power of the Congress to enforce taxes, a zero tax penalty means that the entire bill is invalid.

T The policy implications: "The position of the Department of Justice could eradicate health care for millions of people and cause disruption to the entire US healthcare system – from the elimination of Medicare's free eldercare prevention services to suspension the expansion of Medicaid in most states, "adds the Post.

" A victory for the Tribunal would satisfy Republicans' resolve to reverse an excellent domestic achievement of the previous government without leaving a substitute.

Democrats hoping that the political conversation would change from Müller to something else in their wheelhouse – such as coverage for people with pre-existing conditions – received their request.

At a recent Fox News Only 37 percent of registered voters found Trump's health care coverage compared to 52 percent who reject that. This is a lower approval than the president's because of his dealings with the economy (50 percent), taxes (42 percent) and immigration (41

And as more and more Republicans defend Obamacare's status quo Dem presidential candidates are pushing for a version of "Medicare for All" – Trump and the GOP are in a particularly uncomfortable position with this lawsuit.

The questions that Mueller has not yet answered

Of course, Mueller did not exactly disappear from the news.

Back in February and last week, we asked ten questions that we hoped Special Adviser Robert Müller would answer in his report.

The list recalls what we do not yet know – while we continue to wait for the full report to be published and not for the four-page summary of Attorney General William Barr.

  1. Is someone else charged with alleged non-truth clarification to Congress (Donald Trump, Jr., Erik Prince)? Answer by Mueller: Most likely No
  2. Was there a Kompromat? Has President Trump been compromised by his business relations with Russia (including the Trump Tower Moscow)? No answer.
  3. Did Paul Manafort really share the survey data for 2016 with Konstantin Kilimnik (who has connections to Russian intelligence)? And if so, what did Kilimnik do with it? No answer.
  4. Those involved in the Trump campaign told Roger Stone to check out upcoming disclosures by WikiLeaks against the Clinton campaign. No answer.
  5. Did anyone in Trump's orbit help WikiLeaks analyze, organize and curate its email dumps? NO ANSWER.
  6. Did Trump know of the Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016 with a lawyer affiliated with the Kremlin? And when did he know it? No answer.
  7. Is Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates fitting into this investigation? No answer.
  8. What about the NRA? No answer.
  9. Will the President of the United States be summoned? Answer by Mueller: No.
  10. Why did the President – during all this – veil, attack and misdirect as he did? In other words, why did he behave like someone who has something to hide? No answer.

Of the ten questions, Mueller answered only two.

It's amazing what it looks like Trump and the GOP have already won the narrative of the Mueller Report without even reading a full text

Alex Moe and Rebecca Shabad of NBC report that Six House Chairman had sent a letter to Attorney General Barr requesting him to present the full Mueller report to Congress by April 2.

Capitol Hill Watch

The House agrees today to override Trump's veto of passed legislation that will lift the President's letter of urgency at the border.

It is expected that the house will not have the two-thirds support to circumvent Trump's veto.

The Senate will vote on the Green New Deal.

"All 53 Republicans are against the Green New Deal. All 47 Democrats (including the two independent Senators) plan to vote "present" as part of a strategy led by Minority chief Chuck Schumer, DN.Y.


Sen. Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., And the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee can breathe a sigh at AZ-SEN – Mark Kelly will not receive a Primary from left.

Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., Who considered contesting Kelly for the Dem nomination next year to challenge the appointed Senator Martha McSally, told the Arizona Republic he would stay in the house.

"I want to do not engage Until the general elections in a bitter outline and then turn around and try to run, whether me or Kelly, against McSally in a year in which the Democrats must win the Senate seat and take the state, "said Gallego newspaper.

"It is simply not in the best interest of the state or the Democratic Party to participate in it. … If the Republicans are excited to see a spirited and unpleasant Primary, they have to look elsewhere because I will not attend.

This was the formula that was successful for Arizona Dems 2018: Without Primary, Kyrsten Sinema could focus on the electorate.

On today's 2020 campaign move

Joe Biden speaks at the Biden Courage Awards in New York … Bill Weld meets with New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu at Granite State.

As for Mike Bensen's activities yesterday, NBC's Mike Memoli reports that he acted as an interviewer and introduced Janet Napolitano's upcoming book.

"For about an hour, Biden occasionally asked her questions about his own views on Trump's administration policy regarding national security and the security of their own country. Then he read the questions of the audience to Napolitano, none of which was asked directly for Müller or 2020.

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