Waymo has emerged from the self-driving car project on Google X, but it is now a separate company under the umbrella of Alphabet. Waymos service is still not available to all, but it is in semi-open processes in the Phoenix area. Now these testers can get the Waymo app from the Play Store.

Waymo uses a series of sensors and machine learning technology to get his map from point A to point B without a human driver. We have recently heard that the Waymo One service has security drivers in the car, but they do not touch the wheel unless something goes wrong. With the app you can book trips, see the costs and make changes to the journey. The Waymo cars also have a touchscreen with driving information.

You can download the app anywhere, but you can only use it it in the Phoenix area. You must also wait for an invitation to use Waymo One. You can log in to the app or through the website. Publishing the app in the Play Store (the app is also available on APK Mirror) suggests that Waymo may be ready to expand availability, but the company does not speak.

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