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The wedding of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner was broadcast by Diplo Livestreamer because he did not think it was "serious"?

Diplo did not want to ruin Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner the Las Vegas wedding with his incessant live streaming – he was apparently only very confused by the whole thing!

As we reported, the fans of Jonas Brother and Game of Thrones were shocked last month when they made the spontaneous decision to go down the aisle in a Sin City chapel the 2019 Billboard Music Awards . Fans learned immediately from the secret ceremony, mainly because the EDM producer had decided to transfer them to his Instagram .

Since then, both the groom and the bride have acknowledged that on their big day they could do without the grammar of Diplo.

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Joe said during a radio interview with Capital FM last week:

"Yes, he ruined it. I love Diplo, but he loves his gram more than a 1

3 year old … we just laughed. We loved it. We thought it was ridiculous.

Turner recently said in an interview with NET-A-PORTER PorterEdit that the livestream was "funny." but, admittedly, it would have been better if "nobody knew about their secret wedding dates."

  The wedding of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in the Diplo live stream
"Gonna hit this wedding real quick." / (C) Diplo / Instagram

Well, now the famous DJ is here for his Telling the story side, and in his defense: He thought the wedding was a joke!

Wait, what?

The Close to Me artist stated in an interview about On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Monday:

"I did not realize it was a serious wedding , I really did not know it was going on. "

Ha! Maybe because he was on the phone the whole time …

The 40-year-old said he was hanging out with the singer Sucker that evening, after the BBMAs, confessing that he did not think about taking the ceremony would be a big deal been because there were "crazy people with cameras".

It turned out that the only person who had recorded this thing – and it could have been that a beef broke out between him and the newly wed pop rocker.

At least … that's what Diplo wants from us .

Video: Billy On The Street finds out if NYC cares about the Jonas brothers! [1965025] he stated Ryan Seacrest :

"There was a story that came out that he was mad at me. He called me today to apologize … I suppose I'm ruining it now because I'd still have beef with him. Take care of me and Jonas beef because I'm after him.

The Grammy winner added that he is "friendly" with JoBros and even comes out with a song that we really hope Diplo promotes by giving his false beef exploits with Joe LOLz!

View Diplos sit-down with Seacrest (below)!

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