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The Weeknd and Usher Beef about 2012 “highlight”, Diplo Tweets

We love beef with no stakes.
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The world could go under and gentle boys would still figure out how to do it with them. In this week, Hustlers Extra Usher and The Weeknd have started discreetly dealing with an eight year old song – clearly the quarantine has addressed some things. In a new interview with diversityThe Weeknd remembered one of the first moments when he felt the influence of his music on the genre and cast some shadows. “Balloons house literally changed the sound of pop music before my eyes, ”he said. “I heard” Climax ” [2012] Usher song and read, “Holy f – that’s a weekend song.” It was very flattering and I knew I was doing something right, but I also got angry. “Are you coming in a trade magazine for an old head, no less? His After business hours The roll-out is full of surprises. Usher, who has no comment to offer Diversity, Instead, he replied with subtitles by singing “Climax” a cappella, high notes and everything in his Instagram story on Wednesday evening.

We accept points were made. But what will the Weeknd do? Drop a sick E5? Link a YouTube compilation with high grades? R&B beef is just not like rap beef. It’s also a pandemic. This could easily be fixed with a shared Instagram Live where we all sing Confessions. Nobody can resist “Part II”!

Update Thursday, April 9, 3:45 p.m .: “Climax” producer Diplo sauntered into the discourse and was probably wearing a cowboy hat. He set the record directly on the influence of the weekend. “The production on Climax is suitable for the era of the House of Balloons @die weeknd“He tweeted, confirming the suspicion of the weekend.” When I heard these early recordings, they knocked me out – soulful in their silence and a spacious, iconic voice that felt unique on the Internet. The idea that R&B had dark edges I wanted to bring in @Usher. ”While Diplo attributes inspiration to the weekend, he explained This “high point” began long before the beat came together. “I remember that I had the title of the song before I had the beat. It was conceptual from the start, ”he said. “It was a song that always had a crescendo but never felt like it was at its peak. A bit like some relationships, you never get where you want them to be, but for a moment it could feel like ecstasy. “… Wait, what did we talk about? Right: Diplo confirmed that “Climax” is inspired by House of balloons, The Weeknd publicist kills this After business hours Rollout and Usher’s legendary status remains unaffected.

Update Thursday, April 9, 4:30 p.m .: The circle closes and the Weeknd is back in the conversation it started. “Of course, the media blows things disproportionately and takes things out of context,” he tweeted when we asked what further context his literal claim that “Climax” sounded like a weekend song could have. “Usher is a king and always an inspiration. It was flattering to hear what he and Diplo were doing at the peak. XO, ”he added. That’s one way to put it.

Update Thursday, April 9, 5:30 p.m .: Everyone weighed and now everyone is crazy. As “media” we are not the ones who invented to blow things disproportionately. Here’s Ariel Rechtshaid, whose name doesn’t sound like it awakens shadows for nothing. First he corrects Diplos Tweet and says “love @ EricBellinger but we did this w @ SirElijahBlake, ”With an upside down smiley for extra zhuzh. However, he is right: it was Elijah Blake, not Eric Bellinger, who had a songwriting loan for “Climax”.

Elijah confirmed it by quoting Diplo and saying, “Bro, who’s tweeting from your account?”

But Ariel wants us all to know that he “has the greatest respect for everyone involved. The climax was inspired in the room without any unconscious or conscious influence from outside. “So now he claims that it is possible to create art without unconscious outside influence? My professor of Theory of English 3 would disagree.

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