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The Weeknd's new song "Call Out My Name" is all about Selena Gomez? : Genres: Music times

The Weeknd released his new album My Dear Melancholy and fans have wasted no time in dissecting it.

As a reminder, since he released his first chart-top album Star Boy in 2006, the 28-year-old singer has dated a few celebrities. He was with the supermodel Bella Hadid for more than a year from May 2015 to November 2016. Meanwhile, he started in January 2017 with Selena Gomez and left nine months later.

In the tradition of denominational albums, The Weeknd speaks about his earlier romances in My Love Melancholy . Fans immediately made the connection between the song "Call Out My Name" and his last ex, Gomez.

Emotionally Unavailable for Someone

"Call Out My Name" is the first track on the EP that was released on Friday, March 30th. In it sings Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (real name of The Weeknd) about a woman in which he has fallen in love, but which clearly was not about her ex.

"We found / I helped You have a broken place / You have given me comfort / But falling for you was a mistake", he whispers.

The most notable part of the song, however, was the reference to Gomez's Kidney Transplant. While Francia Raisa saved the life of her best friend, it sounds like The Weeknd also wanted to give her his kidney.

"I said I do not feel anything, baby, but I lied / I almost cut off a piece of your life," he sings. "I think I was just another pit stop / until you decide / you just wasted my time."

Shortly after their breakup, Gomez reunited with her old flame Justin Bieber. The two had been a relationship ever since they were young, and they kept going. They are said to have separated again this month, and allegedly Bieber should have changed to the model Baskin Champion.

Fans also believe that the song "Privilege" is also about the "fetish" singer who deals with her recent fights and how he stood by her to help her through everything.

"Enjoyed your privileged life / Because I will not hold you through the night / We said our last farewell / So let's just try to end it with a smile," The song goes. "And I do not want to hear that you are suffering / you are no longer suffering / because I have held you down when you are suffering / suffering."

The other songs like "Try Me" and "I War Never There" could also refer to Abel's heartbreak after Gomez left him for Bieber. Meanwhile, fans are convinced that "Wasted Times" is a song dedicated to its other famous ex ̵

1; Hadid.

"Hurt You" is about the singer not falling in love with these women again.

Listen to "Call Out My Name" below.

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