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The whistleblower attorney confirms that the customer had contact with presidential candidates

Mark Zaid and Andrew Bakaj, the whistleblower's lawyers at the center of the Democrats' indictment, said in a statement Wednesday that their client "had come into contact with presidential candidates of both parties", but insisted that The Contact referred to the role of politicians as "elected officials – not as candidates".

The lawyer's abrupt disclosure came shortly after the Washington Examiner reported that intelligence inspector General Michael Atkinson told legislators that the whistleblower was working "or some kind of professional relationship" with one of the Democratic presidential candidates, citing three Sources familiar with Atkinson's interview with lawmakers on Friday.

Zaid and Bakaj did not answer questions from Fox News on Wednesday, even as Zaid's open animus to the White House over the past two and a half years has been the magnitude of his own Questioning prejudice.

The Lawyer In their statement, they claimed that the whistleblower "has never worked for or advised a political candidate, campaign, or party" ̵

1; leaving open the possibility for the whistleblower to have one current Democratic presidential candidate for 2020 before taking office. [19659003] "The whistleblower is not history," the lawyers said. "So far, virtually every substantive assertion has been validated by other sources, so the identity of the whistleblower is irrelevant."

  Activists gather for the impeachment of President Donald Trump last month at the Capitol in Washington. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Pledged on Tuesday to initiate a formal impeachment investigation against Trump. (AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite)

Activists gathered at the Capitol in Washington last month to initiate the impeachment of President Donald Trump. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Pledged on Tuesday to initiate a formal impeachment investigation against Trump. (AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite)

The Republicans, however, challenged this assertion and found that various statements in the whistleblower's claim appear to have been inaccurate. The whistleblower complaint states, for example, that President Trump has "made a specific request to the Ukrainian head of state to locate and hand over the servers used by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and verified by the US cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike" Request Not Appearing Trump mentioned CrowdStrike in the shared transcript of the Trump administration call, but did not ask for the server.


And according to a whistleblower complaint, US diplomat Kurt Volker tried to stem damage done by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine by mid-May Fox News showed that Volker Giuliani had actually encouraged to turn to Ukraine – and even send a message to Giuliani saying "Connecting you here with" Andrey Yermak, who is very close to President Zelensky.

In addition, details of Zaid's overt political advances surfaced when he publicly represented the anonymous whistleblower.

Although the lawyer was the chairman of the Democratic House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, D-Calif., As " Mature Professional ", and circulated articles that praised the reliability of the widely discredited Steele dossier used by the FBI to oversee a former member of Trump's campaign, Zaid has undoubtedly discharged the president without a doubt.

"I'm not a Trump fan," Zaid said in a podcast last year. "I'm trying hard on Twitter to say #Resistance. It's not a resistance to the GOP or a Republican – I do not think [Trump] is a Republican, quite frankly. "(Zaid also bragged that he" sued "every president since 1993 and persecuted" everyone, "regardless of party affiliation.)

Also in the podcast, Zaid admitted that he had fished for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit against The Trump Hotel in Washington, DC claiming unfair competition from the President and his staff.

When Donald Trump became president, he used the Oval Office's presidency to send business to the hotel – and we have finally found this one restaurant that was ready, "Zaid admitted. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit last year.

Zaid also said Trump supporters "inland" were "so narrow-minded" because they did not understand that his concerns were impartial.

Open Whistleblower's Call for Calling on Twitter when Trump took office and wrote that CIA staff should "come" to his law office to legitimately challenge the new president.

Zaid also publicly called for celebrities such as Debra Messing, Nancy Sinatra, Cher and Rob Reiner to promote his law firm for whistleblowers.


A tweet to which the famous singer received no answer. In February, Zaid escalated his pitch to Reiner, claiming that "we have a chance to sack Trump in court".

At some point last year, Zaid had even thrown his service to Michael Avenatti after the now-contested lawyer had mentioned that he "now represents whistleblower within ICE".

In addition, Zaid openly encouraged individuals to apply to the CIA to become their customers when they discover "wastage." Fraud, abuse or unlawful behavior. "

" 60 MINUTES – The facts completely misrepresented WHISTLEBLOWER ATTORNEY SAYS which established a GoFundMe that has raised more than $ 200,000 for the whistleblower's legal team – Also known as Values ​​United, tax documents filed by Valued United indicate that the West End Strategy Group has paid $ 258,085 for advertising and advisory services.

Matt Dorf, founder of West End Strategy, says on the site of this group, he had influence on the progressive politics and had cleverly postponed the conversation to achieve the goals of West End Strategy customers. "

On Wednesday before, Trump urged that the whistleblower" unmasked and questioned "comes after new reports have surfaced suggesting that the person has ties to a democratic presidential candidate for 2020.

"The Whistleblower & # 39; s facts have The conversation with the Ukrainian president and the conflict of interest with a Democratic candidate were so wrong that he or she should be appropriately exposed and questioned. "Trump tweeted.

"That's no whistleblower … The whistleblower's lawyer is a big Democrat. The whistleblower has connections to one of my DEMOCRATIC OPPONENTS. Why do the [Intelligence Community Inspector General] allow this scam to continue? "

On Friday, sources told Fox News that Atkinson revealed that the whistleblower volunteered to be a registered Democrat and previously worked with a prominent Democratic politician.

Zaid confirmed last week that there is a second whistleblower who has contacted and already talked to the Inspector General.


The Whistleblower, whose identity remains a secret, originally alerted the Inspector General on a telephone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25, in which Trump's investigation on possible Ukrainian actions in the 2016 elections and on the behavior of former Vice President Joe Biden in relation to his own targeted family ties in the country. Fox News first reported that the whistleblower wrote a dramatic personal memo after hearing the call, saying that a White House official called the call "crazy," "scary," and "completely insubstantial in the context of national security." [19659003] The whistleblower complaint sparked a controversy that resulted in the White House publishing a report on the call while the Democrats immediately initiated an impeachment investigation. On Wednesday, Trump called the whistleblower's allegations "a very big lie" and pointed to statements by Zelensky that he felt no pressure.

"No pressure said Ukraine! Very sympathetic, a perfect call, the whistleblower and others spoke before I saw the record," he tweeted. "Now they have to apologize to me and end this ridiculous impeachment!"

Adam Shaw of Fox News contributed to this report.

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