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The White House blocked the written testimony of a civil servant about climate information: Report

White House officials have prohibited a US State Department intelligence agency from issuing a written warning to Congress stating that man-made climate change "may be catastrophic."

The US Department of Intelligence and Research bureau witnessed to the House Intelligence Committee and declined to remove the references to the document on scientific data on climate change.

Rod Schoonover, working in the geographer's office and Global Affairs, was ready to present his testimony. In a personal hearing on Wednesday, the newspaper reported.

Officials of the Office of Legislation, the Office of Administration and Budget and the National Security Council objected to his statements, the Post reported.

Wish they Cut Multiple Pages Because Climate Science Descriptions Did Not Meet Trump Administration's Official Attitude According to high-ranking government officials who spoke with the newspaper on condition of anonymity, Schoonover, a former professor of chemistry and biochemistry, received at the California Polytechnic State University, permission to appear before the House Committee, but filing does not require his office to record the record. After all, he did not present his testimony to the committee, an adjutant said.

White House officials reportedly objected to the scientific citations of the document, which refer to work by federal agencies such as NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The Hill has asked the White House for a comment.

A Trump official said it was "out of line" with the White House's climate change goals, a source told the Post.

The President has long expressed doubts about the existence and impact of climate change, suggesting previously that climate change was a joke the Chinese had invented.

He pulled the US out of the Paris International Climate Agreement in 2017 and downplayed a US government report on the environment.

Just this week, Trump dismissed Prince Charles's concern about the negative impact on climate change, insisting that the weather "change both ways". [1965] 9002] "Do not forget, formerly it was called 'global warming', that did not work, then it was called 'climate change' and now it's actually 'extreme weather', because in extreme weather you can not miss it, ' Trump told British commentator Piers Morgan.

The 12-page prepared report from the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, reviewed by The Washington Post, explained how rising greenhouse gas emissions increase global seducibility and acidify the oceans.

The statement states that while some population groups might benefit from climate change, "The evidence so far suggests that the negative net effects outweigh the benefits of climate change for most of the world."

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