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The White House says Kellyanne Conway will not appear for hearing the Hatch Act

Elijah Cummings, Democrat of Maryland, told CNN that he plans to summon Conway on Wednesday. Cummings warned that his panel would despise Conway if she ignored the summons.

The White House lawyer, Pat Cipollone, wrote in a letter to Cummings that he cites a long-standing precedent that allows members of the White House to decline invitations to testify before Congress.

"As you know, the precedent that White House staff refuse invitations to testify before congressional committees has been consistently adhered to by the administrations of both political parties and is based on clearly defined constitutional doctrines." Cipollone wrote.

In response, Cummings said he plans to file a summons for Conway's testimony.

"We can not have people who violate the law," Cummings said. "The president is not above the law, and even Ms. Conway is not above the law."

When asked if he would despise Conway if she did not appear, Cummings said, "Of course."

Earlier this month, the US Special Counseling Bureau, which is not involved in the investigation by Robert Mueller, recommended that Conway be fired for violating the Hatch Act. The bureau said Conway was wrong "to belittle democratic presidential candidates while speaking in their official capacity during television interviews and on social media."

"Ms Conway's violations would send a message to all federal employees who do not want to comply with the restrictions of the Hatch Act if they are not punished. Their actions undermine the main basis of our democratic system ̵

1; the rule of law" it says in the letter.

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"No, I will not fire her, I think she's a great person," said Trump Fox News "Fox and Friends" after the letter was released.

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