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The Who, who completed an orchestral tour in 2019, including Madison Square Garden

  Outside Lands 2017 - Sunday
The Who at Outside Lands 2017 (more from Moses Namkung)

Pete Townshend recently made an orchestra Quadrophenia and Roger Daltrey. recently did an orchestral tour by Tommy and now the two have reunited to make a symphonic tour together with The Who . It contains 31

North American dates with local symphony orchestras in each city. The exact dates are yet to be determined, but Townshend says the tour will begin in April at New York's Madison Square Garden (19459007) and then hit the cities of the northeast, Chicago and Detroit. They also promise to return in September / October to play Canada and the Western United States. Most shows will take place in arenas, but Townshend says it might be that one or two will be in stadiums.

They also plan to release the first new Who album since Endless Wire . "I said I would not sign contracts if we did not have new material," Townshend Rolling Stone said. "It has nothing to do with wanting a hit album. It has nothing to do with the fact that the Who need a new album. It is purely personal. It's about my pride, my self-esteem and my dignity as a writer. "Townshend says he has 15 demos for the album he recorded in five English studios and he hopes Roger Daltrey will record vocals this year. The album will be released in 2019.

As many artists have recently made a farewell tour of The Who's, Daltrey was asked about it and said, "I think it's always a mistake, & # 39; parting & # 39; but that will be the case possibly my last tour. I'm only realistic if I want to go through the 75th year of my life. I have to be realistic that this is the age I am in and the voices start to go after a while. I do not want to be as good as two years ago. "

They also confirmed in the interview that they are not and are playing Woodstock 50." What would the point be? So I can not work outside in the heat in August. It kills me, "Daltrey said," and they could not afford us anyway! "

You can read more about the new album and the upcoming tour under Rolling Stone and focus on tour dates.

Watch Roger Daltrey's Videos Tommy Tour and Pete Townshend's Orchestra Quadrophenia Tour:

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