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Daniel Craig was his impeccably dressed, unshakeable self when he met Prince Charles on Thursday at the set of the 25th James Bond movie in London's Pinewood Studios.

The cuts on Craig's face were make-up for a scene, not an injury, and the 51-year-old actor smiled as he told Charles that the crew had about a third of the filming done for the as yet unnamed movie.

In fact great for a Bond set, I've seen it come to problems in real life, until the heir to the throne of Britain continued his tour and made only a joke.

"You have not had any problems lately?" Charles asked a worker, according to the British Press Association – an indication of an explosion earlier this month that left a crew member injured and the stage damaged.

During the official Bond Twitter account tweeted an impressive, sizzling role on Tuesday to show that the 007 business is in progress. Here is an overview of the different dramas that rocked the production of Bond 25, due to be released on April 8, 2020.

The director denied having the film's crew wait while playing video games.

Prince Charles and Daniel Craig schmooze on the set of Bond 25. [Photo: GETTY IMAGES]

Many of the Bond reports were unnamed Sources in the British tabloid The Sun, in which a "mutiny" of the crew was described earlier this month, after director Cary Joji Fukunaga had arrived several times hours too late for shooting because he participated in a particularly intense video game session was and let the crew wait. The "angry crew" was informed that they would have to work over the weekend, which also included Father's Day – and, according to The Sun, many refused.

EON Productions and MGM remained mother in this review and did not reply to USA TODAY's request for comment. Fukunaga commented on the problem a week ago on Instagram and wrote, "I would never disregard the hardworking cast and crew, we're all in this together."

Then he joked about his abilities as a PlayStation 4 player.

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Our Production Designer / Artistic Master of Daily Life, Mark Tildesley, once told me that because of the constant stream of questions you have to ask, a director will be doomed a thousand times over got to . There's not a minute left for this job, which is not planned, and even on a shooting day, in the hours before the call, between settings and settings, and after we finish, there are always a number of dedicated and hard-working department heads who are hungry are to prepare ours In the next sequences no one sleeps in this kind of work. It sure is hard, but it is still the best job in the world and I would never disregard the hardworking cast and crew. We are all in the same boat. 🍀 In my PS4 relationship, my RDR2 progress has dropped to 63% for months, and if anyone bothers me before I go to B25, I get angry.

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A crew member was injured in an explosion

The official Bond Twitter account confirmed on 4 June June that a controlled stunt explosion has disappeared Wrong left a crew member with a "slight injury" and damaged the exterior of the sound stage of Pinewood Studio.

The affirmation followed The Sun's report that there were in fact three loud explosions, "which took off part of the roof and a series of wall panels."

Star Daniel Craig injured in a stunt and forced to undergo surgery

Bond 25 will be the fifth (and probably final) 007 movie to star Daniel Craig, seen here in "Skyfall" from 2012. (Photo: FRANCOIS DUHAMEL / MGM / COLUMBIA PICTURES)

Craig was out of action for weeks following a stunt injury in Jamaica that required a minor ankle surgery. In June, Craig and his impressive biceps were featured on a photo of the Bond Twitter account, showing how he worked hard during his preparation for his return and wore a shoeprint.

The actor was previously injured in the action Bond sets. He lost two teeth when he made a stunt for "Casino Royale" in 2006. During the filming of "Quantum of Solace" in 2008, his fingertip was cut off and one knee injured as he shot a fight scene for "Specter" of 2015.

The first director left the project.

Danny Boyle, the original director of the film, who won an Oscar. When Boyle promotes his new movie Yesterday, he told the London Metro that he was "not cut out" to work on franchise films.

Boyle collided with Bond producers after refusing to use a script written with longtime collaborator John Hodges.

"We did a very, very good job, but they did not go that way with us, so we decided to split up," the director said.

A Man Accused of Placing a Camera in the Studio Toilet

Peter Hartley, 49, was arrested last week and charged with voyeurism after allegedly placing a spy camera in the women's bathroom on the set of Pinewood Studios the British Independent. It is not known if Hartley is in contact with the studio or the 007 film, The Guardian reported.

The studio reported prosecution when the camera was discovered and told the newspaper, "We take this issue very seriously. We reported the incident to the police and assist them in their investigation.

The explosion of the James Bond set: A crew member injured

Prince Charles's visit: The future king met 007 Daniel Craig on the James Bond set

007's last injury: Daniel Craig gets surgery on the ankle he's injured on set


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