Early Thursday morning snow was seen passing the St. Louis Gateway Arch. It is forecasted that a strong winter storm from the middle part of the Mississippi valley in the northeast will create a snow-swatter image. (15th of November)

WASHINGTON – A pre-winter storm blamed for five casualties moved slowly through Thursday through the Midwest, Appalachians, and East Coast East Coast. Behind him lay a series of closed schools, headaches and blackouts in the country.

Power failures have been reported across the entire snow path. According to, by the beginning of Thursday around 350,000 customers had no power, mainly in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

At least 82,000 people in Cincinnati woke up without electricity on Thursday.

Utilities made a combination of wet snow, strong wind and the timing of the storm in the early season – with trees still clinging to the leaves in late fall – for the falling branches.

In Mississippi on Wednesday, a tour bus crashed to a casino, killing two people and injuring 44 others. And in the area around Little Rock, Arkansas, three people were killed in separate crashes on icy roads on Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service extended warnings in the winter storm from West North Carolina to Maine, with less stringent weather weather recommendations from Missouri to the Atlantic coast. In total, around 80 million Americans live there, where winter weather is possible from Thursday to Friday.

"This snow comes much sooner than we're used to, so the threat is bigger," says Kevin Alberta, who owns a tree. Trim service in Hawthorne, NJ "You'll want to see where you park Thursday night, you do not want to be near an older tree that still has many leaves."

In the nation's capital government offices were open, but the Personnel Management Office gave federal employees the opportunity to work from home. Many school districts in the suburbs had canceled the school for that day.

Farther north, the schools planned an early release on Thursday or shut down altogether. In the backcountry, New York expected 6 to 9 inches of snow, 1 to 4 inches high, closer to New York City.


Two people were killed and several were injured when a 45-passenger touring coach overturned the side in DeSoto County
Memphis Commercial Appeal

"Tonight it will be a dreadful shuttle home," said Maggie Samuhel, Meteorologist for AccuWeather. "It's going to be slippery, it's just the perfect timing to make it terrible to come home tonight, so you're either coming home early or late."

In some parts of the mid-Atlantic, it could be one inch or less – "enough to whitewash the ground," said Delaware climatologist Dan Leathers.

But this little bit of snow is likely to be followed by heavy wind and rain – raising the fear of flooding from the Carolinas to Atlantic City.


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On Wednesday, the icy sky dropped to the deep south and hit Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

The freeze warnings remained in force on Thursday morning for a band from eastern Texas to northern Georgia.

Contribution: Scott Fallon of Bergen, New Jersey, Christopher J. Eberhart of Westchester, New York, Josephine Peterson of Wilmington, Delaware, and the Associated Press.

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