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The Women's Council of the Vatican women's magazine resigns, citing sexism

A history professor, who was one of the founders of the Vatican women's magazine and was one of the most prominent women in the Holy See, was quit for reasons she described as sexist working conditions.

The purely female editorial staff of the magazine "Women Church World" was also terminated.

The women said that their treatment as second-class citizens deteriorated as they drew attention to the sexual abuse of nuns by clerics.

The Associated Press reported the movement, after receiving an open letter, wrote the founder of the magazine, Lucetta Scaraffia, to Pope Francis

: "We throw in the towel because we are in a climate of distrust and of progressive deprivation of rights ". Scaraffia wrote:

Scaraffia told the AP that the decision was made after new editor of L & # 39; osservatore, Andrea Monda, told her earlier this year that he would take over the editorial board. She said he thought about it after the editors threatened to resign, and the Catholic weekly newspapers distributing translations of "Women Church World" in France, Spain and Latin America told her that they would stop distributing.

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  Lucetta Scaraffia, the magazine's founder, wrote an open letter to Pope Francis in which she said she felt

Lucetta Scaraffia, the magazine's founder, wrote an open letter to Pope Francis, saying she felt "in a climate of mistrust and progressive deprivation of rights"

"After trying to bring us under control, indirect attempts to delegitimize us followed," she said, citing other women brought for L & # 39; osservatore editorial line that contradicted our "

The effect, she said, was" to obscure our words and to delegitimize us as part of the communication of the Holy See. "


Monda denied the allegations that he was trying to discredit the female editors, saying in a statement that He fully respected the autonomy of the Women's Supplement.

He said at most that he suggested ideas and people to contribute to "Women Church World." His growth to become a standalone Vatican magazine as a voice for women, women, and issues relevant to the Women's World "Women Church World" had enjoyed the editorial independence of L & # 39; Osservatore, even though it was published under its auspices.

In the final editorship, the editors said that "the terms no longer exist ", citing L & # 39; osservatore to continue working on his initiatives with other female contributors.

" They return to the Practice choosing women to be obedient, "the editorial says. "They return to a clerical self-reference and give up this" parresia "(freedom to speak freely) that Pope Francis seeks so often."

The retirements are the latest upheaval in the Vatican's communication operations following the abrupt Dec resignations of the Vatican spokesman and his deputy due to strategic differences with Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Dicastery of Communications.

Scaraffia, history professor and journalist, is a self-professed feminist who nevertheless turned to official doctrine. This does not mean that she has not tormented with her frequent complaints about the feathers, that half of humanity – and half responsible for passing on the belief in future generations – is simple for the men who serve the Catholic Church is invisible. [19659003] CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN THE FOX NEWS APP

. She caused a stir in February when she denounced the sexual abuse of nuns by clerics and the resulting scandal of religious sisters who had abortions or gave birth to unborn children, recognized by their fathers.

The article prompted Francis to acknowledge for the first time that it was a problem and he had undertaken to do something about it.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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