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The World Health Organization says obsessive gambling is a spiritual – WMC Action News 5

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

The World Health Organization has officially classified the "gambling disorder" as an addiction. For video game gamers, detecting dangers in the virtual world is easy, but how about the real world? According to the WHO, players may want to take a small step back to reality.

The World Health Organization officially classifies the compulsive gambling of video games as a mental illness.

Experts and players say entering a different world for a while and life there is in some ways liberating.

Dr. Damien Thomas specializes in addiction and recovery.

"You can specialize them, you can personalize them where you can actually immerse yourself in a specific person," Dr. Thomas.

What does the new classification mean? It could help families and healthcare workers recognize and handle the risks of gambling.

"It will now be published in our diagnostic manual so that we can treat it officially," Dr. Thomas added. [1

9659003] Chris Moore has been playing since he was eleven years old.

When asked what his favorite video game is, he replied "Black Ops" without hesitation.

Chris said when Call of Duty 2 came out, he played it nonstop for a week. He ate while playing Red Bull and drank to stay awake.

"It's just that," he said, trying to find the right words. Some of them are really addicted to their football team, it's just like that. "

Moore plays video games with his kids very much.

"Sometimes I even get angry because I'm losing or something and they're going to tell me to relax," he said.

Asked if he thinks that is healthy? He said, "No."

Of course, not every child or adult who spends hours playing games is an addict. The condition is reserved for persons whose lives are impaired by their play.

"People are being socialized, they cut themselves off from the public and stay inside," Moore said. "It's not healthy either, you can gain weight if you do not eat and play."

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