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The Youth Marijuana sweatshirt appears on the Walmart website

Walmart.com showed lots of St. Patrick's Day outfits in the spirit of the holiday, but a spectator showed us that a particular garment labeled with marijuana leaf made its rounds in social media.

Even stranger it was a youth garb.

As you can see in the picture above, a three-leaf clover, a four-leaf clover and a marijuana leaf were shown on the pullover. The pictures stood on the words "normal, happy, super happy".

When we examined the link the viewer sent, he led us to the seemingly normal Walmart.com site. All tabs are functional, including the shopping cart option for purchases. When you sign in to an account, the user's information appears in the upper-right corner. Anyway, the pullover is a Walmart item, but when we contacted Walmart.com for a comment, they knew very little about the item.

"This is not an article sold on Walmart.com, and we will advise the IT team to immediately remove the image and / or page," said a Walmart.com supervisor.

The page and link are still functional, but the article is no longer available for purchase.

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