If it were up to us, each video would be 16: 9, with some exceptions for more cinematic footage. But with older videos and people who do not know vertical video syndrome on YouTube, lower aspect ratio videos are an unfortunate reality. The team behind YouTube is making the most of this situation and is now adapting its web player to different aspect ratios.

left: Old. right: New

YouTube did this on the mobile app in March of this year, and functionality is now spreading to the desktop as well. Basically, it removes the formerly permanent 16: 9 frame around each video, making it appear larger and better able to adapt to different window sizes.

left: alt. right: New

The black frame around each video has been removed and is especially visible on vertical videos. Personally, I liked having it there, but it's understandable why it was taken out.

left: alt. right: New

Even 16: 9 videos have grown, that is, video descriptions have generally been pushed down. So, if you want to read these, you may need to scroll a bit more.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the change is with a vertical video in a larger tab. Note that the video now takes up the most space. in the past it would have shrunk to a 16: 9 space, even though it is in a completely different relationship.

The change should be for everyone. Unfortunately, it does not make up for most of the vertical music videos that many artists do today that are technically 16: 9 videos in the eyes of YouTube because of the way they were edited and uploaded.