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There are no news cycles and shock cycles in the Trump era

Regardless of who bears the responsibility and what is going on, it is easy and essential for journalists to keep powerful people at a high level. And also journalists should have high standards. Lowering the bar is a poor service for everyone involved.

A typical example: Trump helps with the Sunday performances. "One of the reasons this administration makes so few Sunday morning appearances is the poor performance of Mick Mulvaney on Fox and Mike Pompeo on ABC," an e-mailer told me. That's right – Chris Wallace grilled Mulvaney and George Stephanopoulos made Pompeo sweat. That's how it should work. These officials must meet the same high standards as previous administrators. And if they can not cope with it, the audience can convince themselves.
This issue also appeared on Sunday in Reliable Sources. I said that the media is constantly saying that the White House should hold more press conferences. And then Mulvaney stopped … and it was catastrophic for Trump. Mulvaney tried to drop his pro-quo statement, and then Trump turned around for holding the G7 meeting in Doral, which was the press's original point.

I can tell critics, "They wanted a press conference Well, you have one!" Yes, but the press and the public deserve both frequent and accurate information from officials funded by taxpayers , That's not even a high standard, that's just a standard at the base level …

How about a proofreader?

The president mistakenly wrote the name of his defense secretary in a tweet on Sunday. He wrote "Mark Esperanto". Later, he erased the mistake and published a new tweet with the name of Mark Esper, but with a mysterious quote that Esper has never publicly pronounced. According to WaPo's Josh Dawsey, "administrative officials do not believe that Esper has publicly said this somewhere" and are confused about Trump's tweet.

Trump has also misrepresented basic facts about the US military mission in the Middle East. I do not think that should be done with a shrug. It should be measured by high standards that are consistently applied.

→ George Conway said the mistake is another indication of a serious problem: "We all make typos and mistakes, and the spelling gets mixed up with the best. But you make so many weird fools ̵
1; like would it be with those fighters from the 1770s, or the Toledo massacre? – that they need to be checked, and they are often incoherent or barely coherent you do not have to just submit The short senility test you've done tells us little, but rather a complete neuropsychological review … "

When neutral coverage of Trump sounds like criticism

" The facts double as convictions under Trump, "said Erik Wemple in" Reliable "am Sunday, pointing out that neutral fact checking sometimes sounds like an "attack". As an example, I have cited the Esper error.
→ Also, Daniel Dale, an extraordinary facts tester from CNN, participated in the conversation. He said, "I think what a serial liar like Trump expects is his ability to wear us down …"


– You've heard it here first: Suffolk University and USA TODAY are On Monday morning, a new poll will be published among the voters in Iowa …

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– Toluse Olorunnipa, Josh Dawsey and David A. Fahrenthold's contribution on Monday: Trump was forced to abandon "his dorale decision" after it became clear that the move was alienating the Republicans and quickly became part of the impeachment investigation that threatened his presidency … "(WaPo)
– Maggie Haberman, Eric Lipton and Katie Rogers & # 39; Articles in the NYT notes:" The President first heard the criticism his choice of the Doral television n look where even some Fox News personalities disapproved … "(NYT)

The news cycles are over, shock cycles are in

Breaking off my monologue to" Reliable Sources "on Sunday: Every day is a new shock, a new scandal, a new phase of indignation … and the same thing again the next day. Doral and the G7 are a perfect example. It is a "shock cycle".

As a citizen, we must retain our ability to be shocked. But more importantly, we must realize WHY these stories are breathtaking. And this is where journalists come in … That's why the news cycle is still important … because many people only hear the shock and indignation. They miss why it's shocking. They miss the context. The overall context continues to revolve around abuse of power.

Jim Sciutto's Advice for the Upcoming Week

"Ignore the usual misleading and new" bad guys, "the CNN anchor and chief correspondent for national security has tweeted ." Focus on: the constant confirmation of the whistleblower's complaint; the bloody retreat in Syria and the swift profits of the Russians, Iranians and Turks; the robbery and / or doubts of a (small) handful of Republicans … "

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