On Tuesday, a law will enter into force that prohibits the term "meat" from plant-based meat alternatives. The legislation should clarify the confusion of buyers. However, not all are on board.

On Tuesday, Missouri becomes the first state in the country to have a law on books that prohibits food manufacturers from using the word "meat" for anything else [19659007] This is directed to manufacturers of so-called wrong or non-traditional meat.

Pure meat – also known as laboratory meat – is produced from cultured animal tissue cells, while vegetable meat is generally derived from components such as soya, tempeh and seitan.

State law prohibits "misrepresentation of a product as meat not derived from harvested livestock or poultry". Offenses can be fined US $ 1,000 and imprisoned for one year

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A similar argument can be found at the federal level.

According to Allied Market Research, the market for meat substitutes will grow to $ 7.5 billion worldwide by 2025, compared to almost 4 $ 2 billion last year.

The Missouri Cattlemen's Association, which enacted legislation for the state, has passed buyer confusion and protection of local ranchers as grounds for the Gese cited.

"The big problem was marketing with integrity and … consumers know what they're getting," said Missouri Cattlemen's Association Mike Deering. "So much is not known."

The bill was then signed by the government – Gov. Eric Greitens on 1 June.

On Monday, the company filed a preliminary injunction against Tofurky in a federal state court in Missouri to prevent the law from being enforced on the grounds that the state had received no complaints about consumers who were "planted" Meat is confused "and that manufacturers are prevented from using the word is a violation of their First Amendment rights Plus, it noted," Meat "also refers to the edible part of nuts and fruits.

The bill "prevents the exchange of truthful information and hinders competition," according to documents in the US District Court for the western district of Missouri. "The marketing and packaging of herbal products shows that herbal food producers do not mislead consumers, but instead their products distinguishing between traditional meat products. "

The co-plaintiff is the Good Food Institute, Washington, DC.

Deering said he was surprised by the lawsuit because the main purpose of the law is laboratory meat.

Tofurky's main ingredient is the first two syllables of his name – tofu. [19659008] In June, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that it would regulate meat grown in the laboratory. Traditional animal proteins are the responsibility of the US Department of Agriculture.

Ernest Baskin, an Assistant Professor of Food Marketing at St. Joseph University, said that consumers use the word "meat" as an abbreviation for non-animal protein to understand how they eat the food they see in supermarket shelves ,

"There is a segment of consumers who do not have to eat alternative products, but want," he said. "When putting these options in front of the consumer, you think that, hey, maybe those two are similar, maybe I can replace them."


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