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These are the 25 best TV shows of the year 2018

This past year on TV was a wild one, folks. Research experts estimate that more than 5 billion television programs were broadcast in 2018, and we looked at each one individually. It made us think: what if we made a list of all the best shows of the year? We can get involved in something here; Good luck if you find such a list online.

Some people complain about the onrush of television we get, but not us. Eight of our top 10 picks were either new or in the second season of 2018. And of course we're busy streaming. 11 of our 25 best picks were Netflix series.

Here is our ranking of the 25 best shows of the year 201


The best TV series of the year 2018

<img src = "http: // static-5. Tvgcdn.net/www/img/ placeholder_34.gif "data-src =" https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/07/13/06af104f-73a5-4dd7-a199-4e6d7c62bbb/crop/2070×1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 970×546 / 4cdcc2e95c0f6e08d727ff72b01c42cd / 180,713-queereye3-news.jpg | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/07/13/06af104f-73a5-4dd7-aa4-7a5-4a7-aaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3a7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaq- / 2070×1165 + 0durch0 / thumbnail / 1940×1092 / 63c18ee2f78af61deb578bdbc685faf1 / 180713-queereye3-news.jpg | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/07/13/06af104f-73a5/ thumbnail / 2070×1165 / 5e831aa4b22c032df1b52126b2b34a58 / 180713- queereye3-news.jpg "class =" __ thumbnail b-lazy "alt =" Queer Eye "width =" 970 "" />

25. Succession (HBO)

Where to Stream: HBO Go, HBO Now, Hulu

80% of all conversations are made by and about rich scumbags, and almost none of them have the fair amount of contempt for their characters. Not Succession . Succession 's rich scumbags will make Bernie Sanders go door-to-door in 2020. Creator Jesse Armstrong and the sour satire of an unqualified, Murdoch-style media family, executive producer Adam McKay, is a one-percent show, made for the 99 percent. It's a pitch-black comedy that's horsed in a prestige drama, and it's great fun to see a show that detests every single character. – Liam Mathews

24. Bodyguard (Netflix)

Where to stream: Netflix

We had heard that a thriller had captured Robb Stark Madden) broke records in the UK, but only after Bodyguard premiered on Netflix did we understand why: it's addictive! Madden plays a war veterinarian to protect a female politician whose extreme political views do not agree with his, and the curvaceous bodyguard makes everyone a suspect in their attempted life. But it is the style of the terrorist drama that pushes it into an absolute must-have area. It compresses the tension until you think you're going to explode (the opening scene is a heart exercise), using spooky zooms so that you think all you know about and the British pronunciation of "ma & # 39; am" in yours Echo echoes head. And with just six episodes, it's a lightning fast beat. – Tim Surette

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23. Claws (TNT)

Where to Transfer: Hulu

<span class = "article-attached container article-attached video-embed" data-route = "https: // www. Tvguide.com/videos / embed / 6862c29c-0f6a-4145-bf84-62c8956be4e3 / "data-id =" 6862c29c-0f6a-4145-bf84-62c8956be4e3 "data-title =" The Future Is … : The cast speaks through barriers and represents women to the full ">

The Future Is … Claws : The cast exploits barriers and represents women in full


After a breakneck first season that provided an exciting story, which was supported by a strong cast of characters, Claws really took it one step further in season two. The show The following is a group of manicurists who have become involved in organized crime, and the launch of Russian gangster Zlata (Franka Potente) this season has given the series new life and given our heroes an impressive foe. So he experimented with format in a way that was never possible in the first season, and delivered unusual episodes – one from the point of view of Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) – and allowed us to get to know these exciting characters on a deeper level. Claws was a wild show from the start, but this season has solidified its status as one of the smartest and most interesting on television. – Keisha Hatchett

22. Power (Starz)

Streamer: Starz, Amazon Prime with Starz Add-On, Hulu

For a consistent show full of pony! Turns! and oh sh–! Moments, Power had a slow start in the fifth season. The fans seemed tired and even confused as they played through the first episodes of the season, which began with James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton), who wanted to avenge the murder of their daughter Raina (Donshea Hopkins) , and had all the main characters who formed strange alliances. However, in the course of Power it was proven that it was a whistle for an explosive and gripping end of the season in which at least one main character and possibly another was killed. Power once again demonstrated how well a complicated web of deception, lies and murder can be built – and why it is one of the smartest crime stories in the history of the genre – as the smoke dissipated. – Malcolm Venable

21. Atypical (Netflix)

Streaming location: Netflix

Of course, the most surprising family show on the TV is on our list! Atypical grew up on his heart-warming first season, pushing his characters to new depths in Season 2 as it brought more laughter, higher stakes and yet another scene-stealing performance from Brigette Lundy-Paine. Netflix's underrated comedy does not interfere with the dysfunction of this family, as sitcoms are often to blame, but it also shows that they end up together because families do. It's an emotional roller coaster ride, but the highs, lows and unavoidable heights make it rewarding again. There are also many penguins, and that's pretty cool. 19459003 – Megan Vick

20. Lodge 49 (AMC)

Location for streaming: AMC.com (with cable subscription), Amazon Prime (available for purchase)

[19659002] Lodge 49 contradicts the description, but I will do it anyway to attempt. Uh, it's an ensemble comedy and a mystical drama almost certainly conceived in a sweat lodge during a peyote clatter. Wyatt Russell plays a man in search of more life, and finds it in one of those mysterious, fraternal lodges that is just a mix of other lost souls who meet to drink beer. But there is an undercurrent of prophecy that electrifies the show with a deeper meaning and gives it a strange meaning that other shows do not have. This is unusual, but the path to enlightenment is built on strange experiences. That's what makes it special. 19459003 – Tim Surette

19. Everything is shit! (Netflix)

Streaming location: Netflix

<span class = "article attached-container article attached-video-embedded" data-route = "https: // www.tvguide.com/videos/ embed / 3508a030-9ac8-4872-93d8-5c8a1cc032ce / "data-id =" 3508a030-9ac8-4872-93d8-5c8a1cc032ce "data-title =" Everything Sucks Everything Peyton Kennedy Talks About Her Character ""

Everything sucks Star Peyton Kennedy talks about his character

<img src = "http://static-5.tvgcdn.net/www/img/placeholder_34.gif" data-src = "https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/02/14/a3b9ba61-d561-4688-a5f8-cb540ac273e7/crop/2506×1411+0/thumbnail/ 970×546/8b334ebf90828a2e450614700ff5c997/180214-news-everythingsucks-hp-sm. jpg | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/02/14/a3b9ba61-d561-4688-a5f8-a5f8-a5f8-a5f8-a5f8-a5f8-a5f4- 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 1940×1092 / 117b64427a7b5453769987edbdfee919 / 180214-news-everythingsucks-hp-sm.jpg | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/02/14/a3b9ba61- d561-4688-a5f8-cb540ac273d7 / thumbnail / 2506×1411 / 88b2af61831f11b02355ab55cd832fc3 / 180214-news-everythingsucks-hp-sm.jpg "class = "__ thumbnail b-lazy" alt = "Sucks! "width =" 970 "height =" 546 "title =" Peyton Kennedy, Jahi Di & # 39; Allo Winston, All Sucks! "/>

Netflix was a fool to break off this coming-of-age story After a wonderful season in the '90s, and yes, we're still angry about it." Most television programs about the high school are obsessed with glamor and Looks (have you seen the cast of Riverdale ?), But Everything Sucks! was more authentic – awkward characters navigating the darkest years of life – ironically, that probably has Everything Sucks! The show was a reminder of our actual high school years, so maybe they did not want to see them anymore, which is a pity, because if they had seen the whole series, they would know that it was all of them Things we have overlooked as children: learning experiences, hope and growing up. 19459003 – Tim Surette

18th Bobs Burgers (Fox)

Location for streaming: H ulu

Some people look at Bob Burgers & # 39; inclusion in this list and wonder why it is here. And these people have to lead a joyless life, because if you still do not watch Fox's delightfully absurd comedy about the Burger family Belcher after nine seasons, do not miss anything. Most shows slow down and fight as they get older, but Bob Burgers just seems to have gotten stronger (albeit a bit more obliquely). If you need proof, watch this year's Halloween episode "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street," featuring Gene (Eugene Mirman) dressed as Andre 3000 the Giant, a giant spider with chainsaws on his feet, and another fun Bob's Burgers original song. 19459003 – Kaitlin Thomas

17. Jane the Virgin (The CW)

Where to Stream: Netflix

The CW Jane the Virgin is multi-layered – complex heartwarming , incredibly funny – but the only thing it is not is boring. The popular CW series has raised the bar dramatically this year and gently and skilfully tackles everything that concerns Jane (Gina Rodriguez) as a writer and Xos (Andrea Navedo) emotional breast cancer fight until Alba (Ivonne Coll) passes her citizenship exam and Rafael has passed (Justin Baldoni) emotional insecurities. The series also had its most surprising turn when, in the final minutes of the season, it showed that Jane's husband Michael (Brett Dier) was not dead (we believe). And that Rafael was ready to give up his future with Jane so she could be happy with him. This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly the kind of roller coaster storytelling that puts shows on such lists. And Jane the Virgin makes it year after year. 19459003 – Kaitlin Thomas

16. Dear White People (Netflix)

Where to stream: Netflix

Dear White People Dear White People already good game in Vol. 2, as the racial tensions that came to boil in the last year, spread more and more. As a white nationalist group became prominent and Samantha (Logan Browning) continued to be confronted with racism and prejudice on their campuses, relationships were strengthened or torn apart, as was the case with their white friend Gabe (John Patrick Amedori) a worth seeing confrontation in a powerful episode. The second season also ended with a scary mystery. Viewers were curious about Sam's introduction to a creepy secret society run by a long-time, invisible narrator. This implied that all thought-provoking comments and the biting satire Dear White People were really only present at the beginning. – Malcolm Venable

15. GLOW (Netflix)

Streaming City: Netflix

GLOW Season 2: Watch trailer

GLOW The second round of the year cast doubt on whether he could rediscover the magic of his much-hyped debut. After featuring some colorful characters in the first season, the show went on to tell their stories, revealing how these marginalized women found their place in a system that damnably defeated them. Debbie fought a single motherhood, Tammé infiltrated people's innate racism to conveniently send her son to college, Ruth began to position herself as a producer, and all the women of GLOW saw the repercussions of her discovered fame opposite. The second season also provided larger and better stunts, which culminated in the show's emotional core: the depth and complexity of female friendships. – Keisha Hatchett

14. Maniac (Netflix)

Place to stream: Netflix

<span class = "Article attached-container Article attached-video-embedded" data-route = "https: // www. Tvguide. com / videos / embed / 28cdfa1a-ea9b-458b-8a2d-4fc2d8d2638a / "data-id =" 28cdfa1a-ea9b-458b-8a2d-4fc2d8d2638a "data-title =" Watch Netflix's >

Trailer by Netflix Maniac Trailer

<img src = "http://static-5.tvgcdn.net/www/img/placeholder_34.gif" data src = "https: / /cimg.tvgcdn .net / i / r / 2018/07/29 / 0aacca4f-158a-4611-ac09-59146c578bd3 / crop / 2070×1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 970×546 / 451ebd448f048a06a906b1ef4d65a2f0d0a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a0a04 //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/ 07/29 / 0aacca4f-158a-4611-ac09-59146c578bd3 / crop / 2070×1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 1940×1092 / 10e0faf6aff054d6a6cd3ad9e15f04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a04a05 -stone.png | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/07/29/0aacca4f-158a-4611-ac09-59146c57bd3/thumbnail/2070×1165/c846824fa9f82dcb118d44717dd6d7ba/180729-mana .png "class =" __ thumbnail b-lazy "old =" Emma Stone, Maniac "width =" 970 "height =" 546 "title =" Emma Stone, Maniac "/>

Maniac may have the appearance of a dystopian sci Fi-Stress Clock – It finally emblazoned Emma Stone and Jonah Hill as two damaged young people attending a poorly conducted pharmaceutical study that (literally) screwed up with their minds – but the show's Grimdark setting gives way to a story that's surprising Serious and hopeful, this 10-episode series features some memorable companions that come so close to caricature that they could easily have come out of a Wes Anderson movie, not to mention surreal visuals inspired by yours Remember favorite creations by Michel Gondry however, they all serve as the backdrop for a moving (and sometimes funny, weird) journey to an emotional climax that captures all the complexity of the series and reduces it to the simplest and most beautiful part. – Noelene Clark

13. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)

Where to stream: Netflix

<span class = "article attached-container article-attached-video-embed" data-route = "https: // www.tvguide.com/videos/embed/c39417f5-2fc4-40db-9c7d-196f865c8e27/ "data-id =" c39417f5-2fc4-40db-9c7d-196f865c8e27 "data-title =" Chilling Adventures Sabrina Casting Provides Tips on Dealing with the Eerie ""

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Casting Provides Tips on Dealing with the Eerie

<img src = "http: // static-5.tvgcdn.net/www/ img / placeholder_34.gif "data-src =" https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/09/13/25ed561e-8b22-4dbb-bea1-8acc3d09d928/crop/2070×1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail /970×546/667c31308c57d361b02914a04eb68abb/180913-sabrina.jpg|https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/09/13/25ed561ea8b5b5b5d5b5b5b5b5bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb8r0bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb8 / crop / 2070×1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 1940×1092 / 30b37480f 1c4ea4498399ee2de5a0416 / 180913-sabrina.jpg | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/09/13/25ed561e-8b22- 4dbb-bea1-8acc3d09d928 / thumbnail / 2070×1165 / 0965884613ee6e5e45f9f7e5b3b5345/180913-sabrina.jpg " class = "__ thumbnail b-lazy" alt = "Kiernan Shipka, =" 546 "title =" Kiernan Shipka, The Adventurous Adventures of Sabrina "/>

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is undoubtedly one of the best new shows of the event. A dark, gothic twist on Sabrina the Teenage Witch Chilling Adventures sets up the Campy Melodrama while she is still completely grounded and relatable as a tug-of-war of a young half-witch between her magical and human sides. Kiernan Shipka is the linchpin of a remarkable cast, and her performance as Sabrina is the seriously sticky center of an exciting, black-hearted show. Chilling Adventures is a real treat, even if it cheats you. – Krutika Mallikarjuna

12. The Americans (FX)

Where to stream: Amazon, FX +, FX Now

Series blended by critics during Their run will seem easy, but they are under more pressure than their peers to finish what they are starting, so they will not show up as another show "The early seasons were good; the rest, ehhh …" in Remain memory. The last season of The Americans made sure that did not happen and adapted so many of the convincing themes from the first season – the gap between Philip and Elizabeth, the tension between Stan and the Jennings, like them Cope with a teenager who knows too much – to close the whole series. The finale of the series will be considered one of the greatest of all time, answering all the pilot's questions simply and easily – proof that the entire show was planned from the start. – Tim Surette

11. One day after another time d (Netflix)

Where to stream: Netflix [194559014]

One day at a time and why it must necessarily be TV 2018

< img src = "http://static-5.tvgcdn.net/www/img/placeholder_34.gif" data-src = "https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/07/16/e97fe037 -534c-4349-af37-1bf24d84d8f7 / crop / 2070×1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 970×546 / c60e85db5deeb93d75f27ca4736e1487 / odaat2-news.jpg | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/7/7/ – 534c-4349-af37-1bf24d84d8f7 / crop / 2070×1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 1940×1092 / da70373ae919b62937a9f69a63e20797 / odaat2-news.jpg | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/7/7/ -534c -4349-af37-1bf24d84d8f7 / thumbnail / 2070×1165 / dd045d2025fdb73f4f03f1007febe73 / odaat2-news.jpg "class =" __ thumb b-lazy "alt =" = "546" title = "One Day At A Time" /> [19659062] The first season of One Day at a Time has already increased its use for the modern TV reboot, but when the second season met Netflix. This year, the family comedy rose to a new level. With episodes of depression, gender nonconformity, racism, and death, Norman Lear's reboot provided some in-depth insights into pressing issues in modern society, and filled those actions with details so specific that any problem the Alvarez family faces does not matter how far away is your own life – assumes a universal feeling. – Sadie Gennis

10. Kidding (Showtime)

Place to Stream: Showtime, Amazon Prime with Showtime Add-On, Hulu with Showtime Add-On

Showtime's Kidding Trailer

< img src = "http://static-5.tvgcdn.net/www/img/placeholder_34.gif" data-src = "https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2018/06/07/1a1b1650 -1e9a-48cb-a6d3-773b73868713 / crop / 2070x1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 970x546 / 689e3fd373d70ad88e80127218898e6 / 180607-kidding.jpg | -1e9a-48cb-a6d3-773b73868713 / crop / 2070x1165 + 0 + 0 / thumbnail / 1940x1092 / 1f4758a88b8fda5917ce08ffe849f90fe / 180607-kidding.jpg | https: //cimg.tvgdb.net -1e9a-48cb-a6d3-773b73868713 / thumbnail / 2070x1165 / f27ee7a4faa6b941ea02e6a9026b27b8 / 180607-kidding.jpg "class =" __ thumbnail b-lazy "alt =" Catherine Keener und Jim Carrey, ["height="546"title="CatherineKeenerundJimCarreyKidding"/>

Kidding is a series about an Eterna An optimistic children's show presenter hit by the gavel of reality when his family is struck by a tragedy and it is as beautiful and depressing as you think. Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Is it a total mind —? It's all that, but most of all, it's a deep look at the masks we wear every day, while our inside breaks up in disorder. There is a perfect blend of the writing of David Holstein, the performance of Jim Carrey, and the vision of Michel Gondry, which makes Kidding an uncomfortable, witty and addictive watch. 19459003 – Tim Surette

9. Counterpart (Starz)

Place to stream: Starz, Amazon Prime with Starz Add-On

The epitome of the best show They do not watch had the disadvantages of venting in the middle of the holidays and having limited access to eyeballs as Starz Exclusive, but listen to me right now: Find this gem. Part Science Fiction, part spy thriller, Counterpart follows a war between two parallel universes and poses all the real existential questions as to who we might be in the right circumstances. Actors of our generation J.K. Simmons plays two wonderfully written roles (how were we so blessed?), And he is surrounded by a cast and a crew who have put together one of the most complete series since Breaking Bad . – Tim Surette

8. Killing Eve (BBC America)

Streaming location: Hulu, Amazon Prime (commercially available)

[19589002] If you would expect the typical cat and mouse game, than you would for BBC America's Killing Eve – the biggest surprise of 2018 – to turn on, you were probably a little turned around by the twisted history of obsession between two opponents on the opposite sides of the law. Eva and Villanelle's devastating but heady journey in the first season felt more like a courtship than a crime story (apart from all the murderous bits of course), but in the end she found a perfect balance between her genre elements and character-driven narrative has pulled us all under the spell. Although not nearly as close to the show earned by the 2018 Emmy Awards, it is still a critical favorite that will not disappoint. – Lindsay MacDonald

7. Queer Eye (Netflix)

Streaming location: Netflix

<span class = "article attached-container article attached-video-embedded" data-route = "https: // www .tvguide .com / videos / embed / 5c7884e8-b66b-4dcf-afd8-56e9435c1147 / "data-id =" 5c7884e8-b66b-4dcf-afd8-56e9435c1147 "data-title =" Different when restarting? ">

Queer Eye : What is different when restarting?

  Queer Eye

It's rare for a show that brings people together in these divided times, but Queer Eye by Netflix has proven to be people that are from quite different directions of the political, racial or religious spectrum, may also merge for a good cause in 2018. and Jonathan Van Ness's unique joke: The new Fab 5 – Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Bobby Berk and Antoni Porowski bundled their individual gifts and built on the spirit of the show's predecessor, who changed lives like to make them an imed about earning people inside and out. We are moved forever by her generous spirit and know, thanks to her kind words, that we are beautiful and strong. We are a Kelly Clarkson song and we are better for that. 19459003 – Megan Vick

6. American Vandal (Netflix)

Streaming location: Netflix

<span class = "article attached-container article attached-video-embedded" data-route = "https: // www .tvguide .com / videos / embed / 0234963d-2b21-495d-ae11-2011de98f4af / "data-id =" 0234963d-2b21-495d-ae11-2011de98f4af "data-title =" Watch Netflix American Vandal Season 2 Trailer ">

Watch Netflix's American Vandal Season 2 Trailer

<img src =" http://static-5.tvgcdn.net/www/img/placeholder_34 .gif "an -src =" https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2017/10/26/c28f7f9f-1482-4fe3-a271-2056a9afccb5/crop/2070×1165+0/thumbnail/970×546/85fdf0edf5ccb44a american -vandal.jpg | https: //cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2017/10/26/c28f7f9f-1482-4fe3-a271aaaafafb5/crop/2070×1165+0+0/thumbnail/1940×104480492/a9d04744804/4/3 / 171026-american-vandal.jpg | https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2017/10/26/c28f7f9f-1482-4fe3-a271-2056a9afccb5/thumbnail / 2070×1165 / 9a81afd3852e7f96 41ae0a3ac1546efb / 171026-american-vandal.jpg "class =" __ thumbnail b-lazy "alt =" Tyler Alvarez, American Vandal "width =" 970 "height =" 546 "title = "Tyler Alvarez, American Vandal" />

As American Vandal managed to spin sh– into pure gold, the world can never know. But it is a fact that we will always be thankful for, as the second and final (!!!) season was an absolutely perfect parody of the true crime documentaries and an empathic appeal for kindness was incorporated into the mix. The realistic vision of a generation learning to live in the endless social media spotlight touched the hearts of the audience without getting into a sermon play on how we all have to pick up our phones. It will be a long time before we get such an emotional, intelligent history of aging again. – Krutika Mallikarjuna

5. YOU (lifetime)

Location to stream: MyLifetime.com (with cable subscription), Amazon Prime (available for purchase)

[19456521] ] Before the premiere, there were many jokes about how YOU – Penn Badgley is obsessed as a stalker with a self-sabering doctoral student who himself had enough problems (Elizabeth Lail) spiritual successor to Gossip Girl but taken to the extreme. YOU is not Gossip Girl ; It's so much better Badgley's appearance than Joe Goldberg, the crazy but charming owner of a bookstore who will do anything to do his obsession, is very multi-layered and empathetic and manages to keep viewers on Joe's story no matter what Depth he sinks. And the perfect balance between real thriller and campaign humor has turned the typical Lifetime movie story into true art, with the gift of creating indispensable moments that we will not soon forget. – Sadie Gennis

4. Better Call Saul (AMC)

Place to stream: Netflix

<span class = "Article attached-container Article-attached-video-embedded" data-route = "https: // www .tvguide.com / videos / embed / 6f7da7c2-6558-4fc3-8f20-ce41d6a0cdc4 "data-title =" Watch AMCs [1945900] Season 4 TRAILER ">

AMCs Better Call Saul Season 4 TRAILER

  by Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk; Better Call Saul

The fourth season of Better Call Saul brought the AMC drama about the man who was to become Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) into the Breaking Bad , By the time Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) severely stifled a man who had crossed him, one simply knew that this season would be a turning point for the show. And that was the case. Jimmy McGill officially accepted the Saul Moniker and broke our hearts (and probably Kim's [Rhea Seehorn]) with it, putting up all the pieces for an electric squadron. – Kaitlin Thomas

3. The Good Place (NBC)

Ort zum Streamen: Netflix

Es gibt einen Grund, dass The Good Place den ersten Platz auf TV Guide&#39;s 100 Best gewann Shows im TV-Ranking zu Beginn dieses Jahres, aber kann eine Sendekomödie mit hohem Konzept länger als ein paar Saisons gut bleiben? Yes! Nachdem die große Katze am Ende von Staffel 1 aus dem Sack war, erfand sie sich scheinbar jede Woche neu, um frisch zu bleiben und die Zuschauer unvorbereitet zu halten. Und Staffel 3 kehrte für einen weiteren Neustart zurück auf die Erde, der große Dividenden auszahlt (und brachte uns dazu, Janet in den Arsch einer Reihe von Dämonen in Kanada zu treten). Wir wissen nicht immer, wohin The Good Place gehen wird, aber wir wissen immer, dass es irgendwo gut läuft. – Lindsay MacDonald

2. The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

Wo zu streamen: Netflix

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The Haunting of Hill House Erklärt

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If you see a lot more character-driven horror shows over the next two years, The Haunting of Hill House is precisely the reason why. The series became a near-instant hit once it arrived on Netflix, transforming Shirley Jackson&#39;s haunted house story into a penetrating family drama exploring isolation and grief. The series played with perception in ways that both delight and terrify, and the often-devastating twists revealed along the way had us itching for a rewatch before we even finished. –Sadie Gennis

1. Atlanta (FX)

Where to stream: Hulu, FX+, FX Now

Donald Glover is pop culture&#39;s Man of the Year. He was the best part of the disappointing Solowhich was still a huge movie even if it wasn&#39;t as huge as Disney wanted. As Childish Gambino, his song "This Is America" and its accompanying Hiro Murai-directed music video will be used in documentaries 40 years from now to signify the Trump era. And those weren&#39;t even his greatest achievements. That would be Season 2 of Atlantaaka Atlanta: Robbin&#39; Seasonhis elegiac FX comedy series. Glover went inside the collective American unconscious and came back with Lynchian images that will stay in your brain forever (say it with me: "Owl&#39;s Casket"). It&#39;s a rare, special thing when someone is both as popular and artistically significant as Donald Glover is. He said he was gonna get Katt Williams an Emmy, and he did. Sometimes you just gotta stunt on people. –Liam Mathews

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