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These Arizona bars and nightclubs have been closed for suspected COVID-19 violations

PHOENIX – Nearly four weeks after some Arizona bars and nightclubs reopened, at least seven people were ordered to close and their alcohol permits were suspended indefinitely for allegedly violating the state’s reopening policies and safety measures.

All closed stores are on the Phoenix subway or Tucson subway.

Bars in several counties in the state, including Maricopa and Pima counties, were allowed to reopen on August 27, when the spread of COVID-19 in the community reached “moderate” levels in the state.

To open, the bars had to function as a restaurant and serve food and sign a certification form through the Arizona Department of Health stating strict guidelines and safety measures, such as: B. the requirement of masks and the reduction of the capacity to 50% or less.

Bars that do not serve food must remain closed until the threshold for community diffusion is “minimal”

; and the percentage of positivity is less than 3%.

So far these bars and clubs have been ordered closed by the state:

  • August 29th: Casa Amigos / Skylanes, Scottsdale
  • August 29th: Bottled blonde, Scottsdale
  • August 30th: Glow Shots & Cocktails, Tempe
  • September 7th: Rick’s Pub and Grub, Chandler
  • September 10: Curves Cabaret, Tucson
  • September 18: Christie’s Cabaret, Tucson
  • September 21: El Antro Nightclub, Glendale

In each case, ADHD issued a “Notice of Non-Compliance Closure” and posted that notice to the company, as well as a notice from the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control suspending alcohol licenses.

According to the order, the store must remain closed until ADHD gives it permission to reopen, and must not harm senior management and further
Emergency orders.

“Continued breach of the foregoing is unlawful, will result in legal action and may result in the application of all available civil and criminal penalties,” the statement said.

According to Steve Elliott, communications director for ADHD, companies can request an informal settlement conference to discuss possible conditions for the reopening. It is not known whether either company requested such a hearing or whether one has reached a settlement agreement to reopen.

ADHD has set up a COVID-19 Compliance hotline and website where the public can report companies of suspected violations. The number is 1-844-410-2157 and the website is www.azhealth.gov/ComplianceCOVID-19.

Cinemas, gyms and fitness centers, water parks and subway operators were also allowed to reopen on August 27 if the state thresholds were met.

To date, 14 of the state’s 15 counties have hit the reopening threshold. Graham County in southeast Arizona is still in the “essential” phase, which means bars, gyms and movie theaters must remain closed. Greenlee, a small county in southern Arizona, is the only county in the “minimal” phase to open bars, cinemas and gyms with larger capacity.

These industries have been largely closed since June 29, after Governor Doug Ducey signed an executive order to shut down these companies in response to the surge in COVID-19 cases at the time.

Here are the specific opening benchmarks for each industry:

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