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"They would never know that they are royals"

Billy Eichner's delightful nervous preparation before meeting with Meghan Markle at The Lion King made headlines – and now he spills all the details about the course of this royal meeting. Since Markle and Eichner were theater majors at Northwestern University at about the same time, they had something in common about what they could talk about.

  Billy Eichner meeting Prince Harry Meghan Markle

Eichner Prepares for a Meeting with Prince Harry and Markle

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Eichner went on to do so The "intensive" protocol required for the meeting a The occupation of Lion King felt "somehow nervous" and added, "Even Beyonce."

Eichner remarked: "What makes you nervous is, the days before, you send an e-mail with a record of welcoming Prince Harry and Meghan You shall say, 'Royal Highness', you can not speak until your hands with his …'

The actor announced that his guest, his friend Jared, was asked to stand behind him and speak only with the royal couple, if he was addressed directly. Eichner said, "I'm not kidding!" I thought, "Does this rule apply to JAY-Z?" I do not know, I feel it's not like that! "

Eichner was released from the meeting before Camera Caught

Eichner shared a social media clip that intercepted him as he nervously waited for him to meet Prince Harry and Markle. He says to Costar Seth Rogan in the video: "[I’m going to say] It's a pleasure to meet you. I'll say it, I'll say it.

He said to Kimmel, "Your Highness sounds a bit weird and bowing feels weird. In my head, I ask, 'What do you call them? "I always thought she was Princess Markle, but that sounds like a character in Super Mario Brothers ."

The moment left Eichner a bit worried, as he admitted, "I am "But it all went well," he said, "although they were very, very nice and totally cold and down to earth and loving."

Here's what he and the Duchess spoke about today with

Hoda and Jenna Eichner shared some of her limited conversations: "Meghan and I went to college together – we were both theater majors in the northwest. We did not know each other when we were there, but we were there at the same time. "

He continued," In the middle of this huge royal premiere
You see, that's where we have a very informal conversation
Our acting teacher in the northwest. "

Markle congratulated the actor on his success and returned the compliment:" And she said, 'Well, things have taken a little turn & # 39 ;, "Eichner recalled.

He also shared his first impression of the couple after having the honor to speak to them, remarking, "She was nice and they were so cool and down to earth. You would never know that they are Royals. He also touched how nervous he was when he met Beyonce. He called her "great" and now sang a song with the music legend. During his appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night host remembered the unique experience with a gift: a jumpsuit with the inscription "I'm on a song with Beyonce".

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