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Things that you may not know you can do with your Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + – Samsung Global Newsroom

The latest additions to the Samsung Galaxy Note family, the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +, offer many features and technologies that allow you to do more, experience more, and pursue your passions.

While users are already aware of the device's popular presentation features – from the world-class camera with Live Focus video to the rimless, fully immersive Cinematic Infinity display – the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + have many other innovative features maybe catch the eye first.

Check out this summary of hidden tips and tricks to get the most out of your Galaxy Note10 or Note10 +, the Galaxy Series's most powerful smartphone yet.

. Easily display photo collections with tag

With the first-class camera of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + you can take many pictures. If you want to prove your photographic skills – with some of your great sunset shots, for example – it can be a bit of a hassle to scroll through your gallery to pick them all out. Try the improved Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + tag experience to see collections of similar images. A new icon, which you can access directly from the toolbar when you view a photo in the gallery, takes you directly to the tagging feature. Tag also uses Samsung's proprietary optical character recognition technology, which intelligently recommends specific keywords for specific images.

2. Take screenshots Three different ways

The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + introduced a screen recorder that lets you capture video from what's displayed on your screen – but what about screenshots? With the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + you have three ways to take a picture of your screen. First, you can quickly and simultaneously press the on / off and volume keys. Second, you can swipe the side of your hand from left to right on the display. Third, you can use the S-pen. Remove the S Pen and tap Smart Select. Then select a square, rectangle, circle, dial tone, or even a GIF tool to select your screenshot. Or, tap the square / pin icon to take a screenshot and automatically pin the image to your screen.

3. Make the Most of the Always Issued

A great phone not only helps you get things done. It helps you to express your personality. We use the camera to tell our stories and use the color of the phone to make our style choices. Should not our lock screen help us express ourselves? The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + always-on display not only gives you instant time, notification and battery information at a glance, it also lets you tailor it to your favorite dial style. Go to Settings> Lock Screen> Clock Style to review the options and select FaceWidgets for more customization options for the display.

4. Simple scanning of documents with the telephone camera

Sometimes we have to scan a document in high quality, but there is simply no scanner. With your Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +, this common problem is a thing of the past. Activate the "Document Scan" option in the "Camera Settings"> "Scene Optimization" menu when the camera app is open in order to send documents efficiently with your Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +.

5. Make the Edge Panel Your Own

Everyone has different contacts with whom he interacts most often, and different apps that he uses most often. To help you access your favorites faster, the Galaxy Note10 and the Note10 + come with a customizable edge panel. By dragging the tab on the right side of the screen of your Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +, you can access this shortcut bar with useful apps and services. From Settings> Display> Edge Screen> Edge Panels, you can completely customize the contacts and apps you see and set app pairs – apps that you use frequently, such as apps. E-mail and calendar – to launch at the same time. [19659002]

. 6 Stay productive with the one-hand mode on the go

The Note series was the pioneer of the big-screen smartphone. Today the Galaxy Note10 and the Note10 + are known for their immersive, borderless displays. In fact, the 6.8-inch Galaxy Note10 + offers the largest display the note has ever shown. Sometimes, however, you may only be able to operate your phone with one hand and it is difficult to reach an area at the top of the screen. For even more comfort, the Galaxy Note10 and the Note10 + offer the one-hand mode. Just go to Settings> Advanced Features> Movements and gestures> One-hand mode. This feature shifts all of your content and information into an area of ​​the screen that you can easily reach with your thumb. So you can just type and tap when you hold your phone in one hand.

. 7 Be smart to save energy

Nothing is more annoying than using the phone after a busy day and finding that the battery is low. Although the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + come with a full-day, smart battery, power users who keep their phones at full speed may need additional help to get home before they reach 0%. The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + have an adaptive power-saving mode to keep you running. The adaptive sleep mode is located in the Settings> Device Maintenance section and uses machine learning to monitor and learn how to use your device. It will automatically put your device into the middle sleep mode if it detects that you are using your phone more often than usual.

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