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Thinned by extraordinary amounts: Antarctic glaciers are melting at breakneck speed

Antarctic glaciers are melting at an alarming rate.

According to a new study in Geophysical Research Letter based on 25 years of satellite data from 1992 to 2007, ice loss in eastern and western Antarctic has risen by 4.6 millimeters in recent years. The study equipped the satellites with altimeters, an instrument that measures the height change of the slabs to find that the ice melts five times faster than in the 1990s, EcoWatch reported.

The ice sheet has become extremely diluted, "said Andy Shepherd, study director and professor at Leeds University.

Ice loss is caused by warmer water temperatures, which melt the glaciers where they hit the ocean floor, The Guardian reported. As a result, the glaciers slip into the sea and melt. According to the study, there were some places where about 1

,640 feet of thickness were lost. The thinning has reached "300 miles in 600 miles of ice," reported EcoWatch.

"Using this unique dataset, we were able to identify parts of the Antarctic that are undergoing rapid and sustained thinning – regions that are changing." Due to normal weather conditions, faster than expected. " Malcolm McMillan, co-director of the British Center for Polar Observation and Modeling (CPOM) and Lancaster University Environmental Sensing Reader. "We can now clearly see how these regions have spread inland over time to some of the most vulnerable parts of the western Antarctic, which is critical to understanding the contribution of the ice sheet to global sea level rise."

In a hypothetical situation If the ice in West Antarctica, as well as the glaciers in the eastern Antarctic, had completely melted, the oceans would rise to a height of about 18 meters – enough to drown most coastal cities worldwide.

It is talked about in geological periods, but that has now been replaced by the lifetimes of humans. "

This study is just another of its kind, in which scientists warn the world that something must be done to stop the climate crisis raging in front of us.

"Before we had any useful satellite measurements from space, most glaciologists thought the polar ice sheets were quite isolated from climate change and would not have changed ra. Ever shabby," said Shepherd. "Now we know that's not true."


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