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This 1999 Elon Musk interview explains his success

  • Elon Musk realized that in 1995 you could make money on the internet when most people did not.
  • He explains that he is not as interested in money as in starting a business.
  • Musk likes to track him New ideas like a "new game".

How did Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur responsible for such pioneering technology companies as SpaceX, Tesla Motors, The Boring Company and Neuralink, succeed so much? A meaningful interview from 1

999, when he recently became a multimillionaire, provides a fascinating insight into his thinking and motivation.

The interview opens with Musk waiting to buy the new million-dollar McLaren F1 he's just bought Fiance Justine Wilson waits excitedly at his side.

Musk explains that the road to his success lies in how he saw in 1995 that money must be made online, though "most people believed that the Internet would be a fad." However, the South African entrepreneur saw the future differently and sold his first computer program at the age of 12.

Musk 1999 had younger hair, but has significantly less hair, and he is convinced that even if he is business-savvy, his success did not come overnight. Three years ago, he slept on the floor and showered in the YMCA. Considering his way of life, as he now has much more "comfort for the creature," he speaks cautiously of "moments in my life."

These "moments" included the sale of his Zip2 online publisher a year ago for $ 400 million. "That's just a large number of Ben Franklin's," he stresses.

"I can buy one of the islands in Bahamas and turn it into my personal life. I'm much more interested in trying to build a new and create company," says Musk.

When Musk and his fiancé celebrate the arrival of the McClaren, whom Wilson calls "the perfect car for Silicon Valley," he explains his next quest – nothing less than the transformation of the banking sector. Although he admits that he does not fit the "traditional image of a banker", but he has little difficulty collecting $ 50 million. This refers to a new online banking and mutual fund company called X.com, which later became Paypal.

He is not afraid of his vision for X.com because he believes it could turn into a "multi-billion dollar buck bonanza." Why? Because it haunts "the largest sector of the global economy." And he Believes so much in this idea that he invests most of his money, calling it "the new game."

Musk also claims that "a sense of satisfaction in creating the company I sold," Another driving factor for him is the amazing new "car is certainly fun."

As for other future goals, in 1999 Elon Musk hoped to get the cover of Rolling Stone – a goal he eventually achieved

The full interview can be found here:

Young Elon Musk in the documentary about millionaires (1999)

Young Elon Musk in the documentary about millionaires (1999)

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