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This Ashe Hack accelerates your reload time

If you've ever played a match Overwatch where an Ashe player seemed to spam the "hello" emote, now you know why. Obviously, the reload time begins, making their time between shots shorter and more deadly.

Ashe can use "hello" emote to trade faster from r / Overwatch reload animation

A red editor used the subreddit of the game to share a clip on the training ground with the latest hero. You can see the hello. Spam on the left side of the screen as well as a considerable reduction in reload time.

Many players agreed that this is a big exploit and should be fixed immediately. This kind of correction should not be too difficult, especially as game director Jeff Kaplan recently mentioned that she was planning some important revisions for the following reported target problems.

According to one of this year's article on how this hero works "At the moment she's not playable on a good level for me, I do not know if it's me, but when I aim down, it feels so chunky and the hits can feel like a bullet.

"Even though I'm aiming down I feel like I have 60 FPS, but in my upper left corner it's 1

70-200 FPS. I'm mainly Mcree and Soldier, I have a good precision with both, but it seems I can not do EVERYTHING. Consistent like my Mcree. Is it just me? What's wrong with the [clunkiness] shots when you aim down? "

Jeff Kaplan then went to Reddit to tackle the issue directly, promising that a fix would be on the way." According to the game director, "Currently if you play Ashe on a PC and have more than 60 frames per second, The ADS animation may look choppy or "stepped". There is no delay. The ADS is still running at the right speed. But the animation prospects can feel a bit worn.

He added, "In an upcoming patch, the ADS will be smoothed regardless of the height of your fps and should feel a lot better. Unfortunately, the patch it fixes now is 1.32 (1.31 is now on the PTR). We try to pull the fix forward, but it is unlikely. It takes a lot of code and quite a few tests. So let's not overdo it and risk breaking something else.

The latest hero is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, though there is a release date for the hotfix is ​​not yet known at this time. Do not forget to say "hello." [19659006] You can contact the author of this story on Twitter @ DirtyEffinHippy .
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