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This congressman wants to "abolish ICE". We asked him how it would work.

We say, let's get back to what's central, let's do something different for the people who pose a threat to this country than what we're doing right now. They have to work within communities to gain intelligence. ICE has such a bad reputation, and if you fear that you will be deported, no one will talk to you. They are unable to do the things we need to get them done.

It sounds as if you are describing a branding problem almost as much as a policy problem.

Part of your policy is the brand. If you do not receive information, if you work with certain communities because they think you are deporting them, you will not get any information that could help you find someone who really poses a threat to that country ̵

1; and we all want to do so seek out this threat. Unfortunately, the way it was used by this President has rendered it ineffective.

ICE was also highly controversial under President Obama. Can ICE be reformed without being dismantled?

If ICE is on a jacket right now, which does not allow you to get any information you need because people are scared of what that means, because it was specifically abused a half last year, then you have to you break down the part of what ICE is. You do not have to break down all the features of ICE because some are necessary.

I reviewed this question a few months ago and there were very few candidates who accepted it in their platform. How did that come to your radar and convinced you to work on a bill?

President Trump has been a development for many of us on how far he will go and, I argue, his actions that damage the country. What do you have to do about it?

So I think, when it comes to ICE, because we spoke to people in ICE detention centers who separated children in another state, and one woman was told that her child would be put up for adoption, and another Woman said we will release you and then we will release your nine-year-old daughter, who is being held in New York – that's inhuman, cruel, un-American things to do.

Then When the President said this weekend, we can abolish the due process – he's already abusing the functions of ICE as a personal political police force for its own reasons, and then adding that you're abolishing a proper process is not What America is about. That was really the catalyst. We started talking a little more a week after my border visit, but that was the absolute "no longer sitting" moment.

The Republicans are celebrating the rise of the "abolition of the ICE" movement, which, Democrats say, is not obliged to stop illegal immigration or be "open borders". How do you react?

Obviously they are lying. ICE does not work on the border, at the end of the sentence, at the end of the act, at the end of the truth. So they will try to use this to manipulate people who are either afraid of people who do not look like them or who are completely racist. What Donald Trump has done since he was President manipulates this kind of people.

So let them continue and do, we will publish the facts. But I think that, as we saw with the separation of families and children on the border, we have tried to manipulate this issue, and it has completely blown itself into his face because the values ​​of the American people are much more moral than that of our president. I am willing to publish these facts and lead the debate.

This debate was surpassed on Tuesday night in one fell swoop when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who emphasizes eliminating ICE very prominently, defeated Joe Crowley. What are you doing with your campaign?

I think we see not only in this campaign but in other campaigns that the base for progressive values ​​is interested.

Our argument for leadership now is that this is a moment what people want. If you ask them, "Do you want a bold change or a gradual change?" So Republicans want brave changes in all spectra. I think sometimes the political class stays safe because it keeps them in office and from time to time it happens like yesterday evening, which reminds us that we really need to listen to the people who are actually across the country. 19659002] Do you think the Democrats, who have been in Congress for a long time, get nervous about Tuesday's results when people accept new issues they were not prepared for? What would you think of your advice?

Embrace it. "If the people lead, the leaders will finally follow" is a bumper sticker that I have on my car. That's right, right?

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