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This custom dead Luigi Amiibo makes us want him in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  Dead Luigi "title =" Dead Luigi "height =" 374 "width =" 665 "data-item =" 1129279 "/> [19659004] Lately, there have been a lot of discussions about the last Nintendo Direct for <i> Super Smash Bros. Ultimate </i>. Sure, there were the Belmonts from <i> Castlevania </i> and King K. Rool from <i> Donkey presented Kong Country </i> but also <b> brutally brutally a longtime Nintendo favorite, Luigi </b> although the publisher <b> stated that he is still alive </b><b>. </b> But let it be a custom Amiibo maker who made Luigi behave badly as a ghost. </p>
<p>  GandaKris, who serves as an ambassador for Nintendo America, and also <b> her own do-it-yourself YouTube channel </b> has just released her latest work in the form of a Custom Amiibo with Ghost L uigi demonstrated a fantastic job, which spookily presented in the plumber's blue form, complete with his trademark Luigi Cap. </p>
<p>  For a good cause, she also custom box art with the character in human form on the front, and a picture of him in an apparition (after encountering the death of <i> Castlevania </i> on the back) , You can see it in the following pictures, along with a link that shows you how to create your own if you have some artistic skill. </p>
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?GHOST LUIGI ? #SuperSmashBrosUltimate Custom Amiibo @ NintendoAmerica

Easy to make DIY tutorial (Click on the link) // t.co/7yN5IH1

Oy6[19659005] Who should I do next? pic.twitter.com/VHXRlFkdto

– GandaKris (@MissGandaKris) August 19, 2018

It does not look like GandaKris is offering the item for sale, but you can always reach out and See what she can do for you, either on her Twitter profile or through her email at [email protected]

GandaKris has certainly done phenomenal things with Amiibos in the past. We actually showed their last work last December after making Satoru Iwata Amiibo a heartwarming cool character to honor the late Nintendo president. And she has also done other great things, as you can see on her Twitter page.

What should she do next? Hmmmm … we could always use something from the Waluigi strain. Maybe something where he wields a powerful tennis racket? Or just a fighting pose in general? Gauntlet thrown!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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