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"This is not a peace plan": Palestinians shun conference in Bahrain | Palestine News

The Palestinian leadership has not been consulted on a US-led conference in Bahrain to promote international investment next month in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, said Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh.

Washington announced the conference on Sunday and described it as the revelation of the first part of the much anticipated Israeli-Palestinian peace plan by US President Donald Trump.

In a joint statement with Bahrain, the White House declared the assembly in Bahrain's capital, Manama, will give government, civil, and business leaders the opportunity to garner support for economic initiatives with a peace agreement would be possible.

The Palestinian officials, however, said the June 25-26 meeting would not address the key political issues of the conflict: final borders, the status of Jerusalem, or the fate of Palestinian refugees.

"The Cabinet was not asked about the reported workshop, nor about the content, neither the result nor the timing," Shtayyeh said Monday.

"Any solution to the conflict in Palestine must be political … and based on the end of the occupation," he added.

"No Palestinian Involvement" [1
9659008] Meanwhile, Minister of Social Development Ahmed Majdalani said Palestinian officials would not attend the June session.

"There will be no Palestinian participation in the Manama Workshop," Majdalani, who is also a member of the Executive Committee of the umbrella organization Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), told Reuters News Agency.

"Any Palestinian who would participate would be nothing but a collaborator for the Americans and Israel."

There were no details about who could attend. or whether the internationally supported Palestinian Authority (PA) has been invited to the West Bank. The Israeli Ministry of Finance said it had not been invited, the Associated Press reported.

The Palestinians, who had broken off their ties to the United States more than a year ago, repeatedly voiced fears that the White House would attempt to buy them away with large sums of investment to meet their demands for one freeze independent state. They have also expressed concern that Washington is trying to gather support from other Arab countries to put pressure on them to accept a plan they deem unacceptable.

On Sunday, US officials said Bahrain's conference would see representatives and business people from across the Middle East and Asia, as well as some finance ministers.

The final peace plan is expected to include proposals for regional economic development, including Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

The White House demands a compromise.

In the midst of the controversy, Shtayyeh reiterated the Palestinians' central demands for a two-state peace agreement with Israel, including full control of the occupied West Bank and Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, as well as the Occupied East Jerusalem Territories Israel was captured in the 1967 war.

Israel claimed Jerusalem as its indivisible capital and declared that it could declare sovereignty in its illegal settlements in the West Bank al under international law.

The Trump Administration has announced that their still secret peace plan would require a compromise between the two sides.

Since Trump's inauguration, the US has slashed its assistance to the Palestinians and made a contribution to economic development in the West Bank and Gaza.

"The financial crisis that is undergoing the Palestinian Authority today is the result of the financial war being waged against us to win political concessions," Shtayyeh said on Monday] "Dead On Arrival"

Washington has turned not yet set a precise timetable for political aspects of the plan, whose main architect is Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Al Jazeera's Kimberley Halkett reports from Washington, DC, that there are serious concerns within the US and elsewhere that the proposal is "dead on arrival".

"The fact that there are no discussions about Palestinian sovereignty, land claims and borders, aroused many people's ple say" what the point "," Halkett said.

Hanan Ashrawi, a longtime advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, suggested the planned meeting in Bahrain and said it was not a "peace plan" .

"This is just an economic workshop … [and] Another way to reward Israel and retain control of our land and resources "Ashrawi Al Jazeera said.

"It is the Americans who have rejected everything so far, from the law over the agreements to the basic requirements of peace and its components a viable peace process … It shows a lack of understanding of the problems of the region "she added.

For his part, Kushner said it was daunting that the Palestinian leadership had attacked the plan before it was revealed.

But Rami Khouri, a high profile public policy A colleague and journalism professor at the American University of Beirut said it would not make any difference whether the Palestinians participated in the talks or not.

"The plan for this type of gathering in the Trump's world is that the US dictates what it feels is in the interests of the US and the Netanyahu wing of the Israeli government," Khouri told Al Jazeera, citing the Israeli government Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"It is really important to see the reaction of other major countries … the US We can probably rely on some of the Arab Gulf states because they are so dependent on security, weapons and money, but we have to look at the Europeans, the Russians, the Chinese and others who could be invited [conference]"he added.

"The world's reaction is now going to be really critical."

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