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This is one of the craziest Android Bugs we've ever seen – BGR

Android bugs and glitches appear frequently enough that they are not all coverable, but every now and then we see a bug so inexplicable that it deserves to be highlighted. Earlier this week, a Reddit user discovered that whenever they typed "the1975..com" (with two dots instead of one) into the Google search bar on the default pixel launcher, they suddenly saw a collection of their latest text messages on the screen Google appeared

"It's like the strangest mistake I've got," they said. "Is this combination just coincidental coincidence or is it something else? Other people getting this error? I'm really confused, please let me know."

It turned out that hundreds of other Android users were able to replicate the bug, by typing the same unusual address in their search bars. All Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, LG, and Huawei users confirmed that they had also seen a list of their text messages, making it look more like an Android problem than a specific hardware issue.

To make it even weirder Reddit users found that finding Vizela Viagens (a travel agent in their hometown) led to the same mistake. Dozens of users acknowledged that they could see their text messages as well, and some even noted that spelling mistakes made by the travel agency also worked.

Using the search bar on Android you can quickly access its text messages feature, no bug, as pointed out by a reddit user on the thread. All you have to do is look for "My Text Messages" and you will be redirected to your texts. But why other random queries can achieve the same goal is a guess.

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