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This is the fight of our life / movie

  Avengers Endgame

(In our Spoiler Reviews we dive deep into a new release and bring the heart to the point, what matters … and every story point is up for discussion Entry: Avengers: Endgame .

The existence of film franchises dates back to some of the earliest days of cinema. Hollywood's first talkie The Jazz Singer led to the sequel The Singing Fool . Horror hits such as Frankenstein and Dracula produced the Bride of Frankenstein and the son of Dracula, not to mention a slew of monster movies from Universal Pictures. King Kong brought Son of Kong to life, and so on.

On the other hand, the blockbuster episode as we know it today is still a relatively recent invention of Hollywood. It is evolving and changing, albeit slowly, as the audience seeks something new and refreshing that feels just as familiar and comfortable as it is entertaining and exciting. And that's what makes Avengers: Endgame so damn special.

In our Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Review, we examine this heaped-up aid of the Hollywood Spectacle as it fights and rebuffs. In the tropics of your typical blockbuster sequel, you enhance the formidable series of films before that, delivering a movie that offers action, heart, comedy, and a surprising but delightful fan service to all who have been following Marvel Cinematic Universe for over 1

0 years.

 Avengers Endgame

There Was No Fight

In the event that half of The Avengers in Infinity War was too little, was unlucky Not Good Enough, Avengers: Endgame begins with a twist of the knife. Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), the former Avenger named Hawkeye, enjoys a quiet afternoon at the farm with his wife and three children. However, a charming archery lesson with his daughter panics as she and the rest of his family suddenly turn to dust. A dull thunderclap in the distance signals that the power of the Infinity Stones in the hands of Thanos sweeps across the sky. The world dispels half of the people living on Earth and in the rest of the universe.

It's just the first few minutes of a Marvel sequel with a first act that means little action and fear and failure. What follows is a sense of helplessness as the most powerful heroes on earth can not undo what has just been done.

Tony Stark remains fueled with Nebula (Tony Stark) aboard a ship with no force or superiority in space to return to Earth. After a brief rescue by Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), he will soon meet again with Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth ) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) to discuss what to do with Thanos, who has since reused the Infinity Stones since retiring to a place he calls the Garden.

Stark sits in a wheelchair, looking malnourished and exhausted. He is defeated and still scared. The remains of Captain America: Civil War rise again as Stark blames Cap's absence and The Avengers' withdrawal as the cause of her failure. Cap said they would fail together, but he was not there when Thanos hit her on Titan to hell. Stark turns his fear into anger and strikes at the only person who could take this defeat as hard as he could.

This team is not ready to face Thanos again, especially because he is under-worried and sees his friends die just weeks before. Their fear is palpable, but Captain Marvel is confident they can kill Thanos and use the Infinity Stones to bring everyone back. Captain America and Black Widow are more than willing to help. There is a determination in them to correct this universal injustice by all means necessary. But it's too late.

When our team arrives at the small shack where Thanos lived, he does not even try to fight back. Regardless of the overwhelming power of Captain Marvel and Thanos, who brutally burned his body side from the power of the Infinity Stones, there is no fight he can muster. What has been done is done. To ensure this, he destroyed the infinity stones by using the stones himself. And before anyone else can pull anything else off, Thor finally turns on his head and beheads the Titan, who has defeated The Avengers one at a time.

It's a damn good opportunity to start a blockbuster sequel selling toys and lunchboxes. Children The carpet is pulled out of the audience, which was expecting to be thrown into an epic rematch with Thanos. Our heroes suddenly have no mission, no villain and no hope. All they can do is live with their failure, and that's what they do.

 Avengers Endgame

Five Years Later

As if they had no hope of bringing back all the dusty Avengers (and trillions) of others who were obliterated by Thanos, that movie was not enough for our heroes living with their failure for five years and things are bleak. For the first time there is nothing to avenge. Those who flicked their fingers at Thano's fingers were essential to his success, and no one cares.

Captain America conducts group therapy sessions where stories about new post-tiramatic tears are seen as a breakthrough. Black Widow tries to take care of my possible missions that could be caused by unrest in the universe. Nebula (Karen Gillan), Rocket, Okoye (Danai Gurira), Captain Marvel and Rhodes report from different places by hologram. They all feel as if they are distracted only by what they could not undo. 19659007] In this single scene you can see how each of them still deals with the consequences of Thanos. Rocket, but quickly realizes that it does not help anyone. Captain Marvel sees even more of the devastation, as the rest of the planets in the universe deal with the same problems of the earth. Okoye seems comforting in the fact that there are things they can not control, like earthquakes below sea level. But one of them was shaken for another reason. Later more.

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) must master the shock of The Avengers' failure in a very different way. The thief who became Ant-Man has been stuck in the quantum area for five years, even though he had felt for five minutes. In these five minutes the world went to hell, he lost his partner Hope van Dyne as well as her father Hank Pym and her mother Janet van Dyne and he learns that His surviving daughter Cassie is five years old and looks like an adult woman when he reunites with her.

Rudd's performance is usually very comedy, letting the others around him do the heavy, dramatic lifting. But his expression as he sees his daughter growing up before his eyes is filled with such genuine excitement. It's the first time that tears feel like they're rising in your eyes. No one is sure that his heart will be squeezed by the lasting effects of Thanos and his Universe Compensation Plan. Lang's answer to all of this is an endless stream of thoughts about overdrive about how the quantum field can be used to travel back in time and fix everything.

This leads us to Tony Stark, who has wonderfully recovered from his tragic stay to space. Not only did he recover, he is now also a family man. Gone is a flashy place to call home. Instead, Stark lives in a cabin in the woods with a delightful daughter named Morgan and the only person he always wanted to protect the most, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). And Stark is not ready to marry his family for a wild time, as Scott Lang calls it almost excited. But Stark is also afraid because he does not want to fail again. He is unwilling to take the risks he once took as Iron Man, and that is understandable, since those decisions have led to some catastrophic consequences, including the situation that led them to such a plan.

Meanwhile Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has twice become the demigod that he was. Literally. In a state of depression and denial, Thor has been drinking beer, playing video games, waiting for the hunter to appear in a new Icelandic village appropriately named New Asgard. He is no longer the carved god of thunder who once led armies. He is overweight and returns to recovery. Valkyie (Tessa Thompson) has even given up trying to get Thor out of the abyss of hopelessness.

Although Thor's physical condition could banish laughing throughout, this depiction is not only meant to be comedic, and certainly does not want to mock those who let go of depression. Instead, it shows the extreme case Thor has taken, and Chris Hemsworth's performance shows it. The actor goes impressively from the cheerful giggle about the threat of online gamers to alcohol consumption to show the broken man to whom he has just mentioned Thanos. It is a leap from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, which Hemsworth masterfully breaks through throughout the film, leading from the momentary pleasure of the intoxication to the sad realization of the rock end he has struck.

Then there is Hawkeye and his family's dusting was not friendly to him. The former avenger has become a deadly assassin, killing people for money. He has become a shadow of the man he used to be, he has used excessive force for these jobs and became a terrorist. It's what drives Black Widow to tears when Rhodey delivers an update to a bloody crime scene he left behind.

For the survivors, that's not all depressing. In the five years since the snap, Bruce Banner has found his hulk problem. Banner and Hulk now exist together. Instead of seeing the hulk as a disease, Banner saw him as a cure. While everyone else had failed, Banner and Hulk had to feel it twice. Since then, Hulk has become an ingenious green giant. He's the only one who has used what happened as a catalyst to improve his life, and the result is the best reiteration of the big man we've ever seen in the MCU, both as a character and as a visual one Effect. As a recording of movement, Mark Ruffalo's essence was captured perfectly in this sweater and thick-rimmed glasses with hulk. All his subtle manners and facial expressions work through this incredible digital character.

But Hulk seems to be content only with his life, and he does not use his full potential to go through these difficult and confusing times. Luckily, Natasha reminds him that living together peacefully with Hulk once seemed a bit impossible. Perhaps this theory about using time travel to procure the Infinity Stones and bring everyone back has some potential.

But even with the hope that time travel destroys this massive catastrophe, this is the darkest we've ever seen. Cinematic universe. Our heroes live in a nightmare, and they all have their own failures to deal with in various ways. To undo what Thanos did is not just about getting everyone back, but also about their own reason.

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