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"This Is Us" Review: Season 4, Episode 5 – "Storybook Love"

Tuesday's This Is Us subtly seemed to solve another mystery of the series: What the hell happened to Kate as a teenager and what did her boyfriend do? Do you have anything to do with it?

We hope the revelation is not distributed throughout the season as the family drama usually does. "How exactly did Jack die?" Was a difficult question, but "How exactly was Kate abused?" – what does it look like, no? – seems even more heartbreaking.

Continue reading to discover the highlights of Milo Ventimiglia's "Storybook Love" DINNER? | This episode is even more retroactive than usual. So let's start with the young Rebecca and Jack on their first day in their new house. She is pregnant at the beginning of the second trimester and relentless to have a nice, home-cooked dinner. But it takes forever to scour their unpacked boxes for the right pans, and Jack finds no leg of the dining table. Then she burns the lasagna. Then a bird flies in through an open window and terrorizes Jack, who is scared to death of the feathered little bastard. (Side Note: We will not often see Jack lose his things this way.) Ventimiglia is funny in the scene.) While Mr. and Mrs. Pearson whirl around and try to get the bird to leave, the lasagna falls on the ground , What can they do but laugh at the absurdity? "And then it was a perfect night," Rebecca tells her children years later, during another catastrophic dinner, which we'll reach in a minute. "We'll just leave it as it was."

  athis-is-us-recap-season-4-episode-5 A Toast to the Bride, to the Bridegroom | In a further retrospective of the time immediately following the arrival of Kate and Rebecca in their new home, Rebecca gathers all the children and their spouses (and Miguel) for a meal to celebrate the wedding of Sophie and Kevin. "Do you think a fancy dinner will make it less bizarre that Kevin married five years after puberty?" Kate snarls.

Randall brings Beth, who gives Rebecca a spicy sauce. Everyone is looking forward to it – apparently Jack doused everything with spicy sauce – but Beth explains that her dad loved the spice so much that he brought it as a gift to the hostess … but just so he can be sure that he can use it in other people's homes. Everyone relaxes a bit and Kate takes the moment to make Randall agree that her brother's marriage is "a bit weird, right?"

That's all right and good, but then Kevin and Sophie show up and call each other "wife" and "husband", then he picks them up and carries them across the threshold. "So we enter buildings now," they inform everyone. "That's weird," Randall says in a low voice. "Thanks," Kate replies. One thing that seems to make it better: The record shop guy Marc surprises Kate and introduces himself to everyone as her friend.

The dinner is stilted and strange. The food is almost inedible. Kevin and Sophie's reasons to marry are ridiculous. And when the Big Three start arguing in the kitchen, Rebecca has had enough. "So help me, God," she tells them, "they'll go forward … So pull yourself together, pretend you like burnt, raw food, bring your little asses back to those seats and enjoy my damned Taste Dinner. "

HOW YOU WANT | During another small break in the meal, Miguel Rebecca introduces a vintage rated Wine Spectator 90 for" Doubling as a metaphor " He explains that the conditions for winemaking are not always ideal, so the people who make it must "wait for the bad years and believe that there is a better year, and that's almost always the case." Rebecca cries Almost, but she pulls herself together, and then, supported by that feeling, she announces to the congregation that her dinner is terrible, and everyone giggles, relieved that they will not die of Salmonella if they are not Rebecca's I eat cooked wild hens.

 This-is-us-retrospective-season-4-episode-5 They order pizza and sit in the living room while Rebecca gives Kevin and her new daughter-in-law a song. (Side note: I know I have a heart of stone, but I rolled my eyes hard The Princess Bride singspiel the title song "Storybook Love" in honor of Kevin and Sophie's favorite movie, and all couples seem very happy.

RANDALL'S REVVING UP | Currently, a stressed-out Tess in school has a panic attack that causes Randall Beth to complain that he has passed his fear on to her daughter. She recalls immediately after Randall's collapse in his Season 1 office when William said something similar: He had suffered fear all his life and of all the biological qualities he could have given his son: "I hate it That's what it was. "

Back in Philly, Beth calls both Tess and Randall to the kitchen to let them know that she and William are some of their favorite people in the world, and she does not want to hear them in any way herself – also her paralyzing fear. Using an example that William confided to his mother to make her feel better, she poured him a couple of glasses of Seltzer and told her to remember that the blisters would always calm down, as her anxious thoughts eventually did calm down. 19659009] That night Beth Randall announces that she has found a therapist for Tess – and one for him. He says he does not need professional help, but she points out that his behavior (over-long runs, constant nervous jumping) makes her worried that he is heading for another difficult phase. Randall drives her down tight and then goes to sleep without discussing the matter further.

 This is-a-summary-of-the-season-4-episode-5 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE | Kevin meets Ryan, Cassidy's estranged husband, and Matty's father at a hockey game. Cassidy is one of the veterans honored at a ceremony on the ice that evening, but Ryan's stance – both in relation to the event and to Kevin, to whom he is deeply suspicious, he is quite stupid. When Kevin and Cassidy deliver their son to his father after the match, Kevin uses a private moment with Ryan to hold him accountable for being on the phone during Cassidy's great moment.

Instead of telling Kev to go to hell, which I think pretty much everyone in Ryan's situation would do, he tells a story of how he and Cass met in high school and have been together ever since. "This ceremony you're talking about has appreciated what my favorite person in the world broke, and I stared at my cell phone because otherwise I'd openly cry in front of my son, and that's not what he does Ryan just needs me, "Ryan kicks in. Kevin apologizes immediately, but Ryan does not want to hear it." Stay away from my wife, "he warns.

When Cassidy comes out, Kevin has good news for her:" He still like you. "And back in the trailer, Nicky – who had mastered the game as the one noise and the beer and the people were too much for him – Kevin feels better when he shares an ice cream with him like Jack does did earlier … and how Jack's dad made it a long time ago with him and Nicky.

 This-is-a-summary-of-season-4-episode-5 WHAT HAPPENED | Kate calls Randall in this episode and talks him over the B aby gift he warned she was off to see that day. Rebecca comes to Little Jack, so they are both there when the gift finally shows up: Randall and Kevin have sent the family piano to his sister. She is touched.

Sitting on the bench, she finds a stack of Polaroids they took the night of Rebecca's failed restart. And Kate and her mother smile at the memory … until they come to a shot of Marc and Kate. Rebecca comments sadly that she has not seen what happened right in front of her face. "I did not see it either," says Kate, and both women are very emotionally affected by the thought.

Now it's your turn. What do you think about the episode? Does Kate's new storyline sound like she'll be finished soon? Or do we still have a big puzzle in store? Let us know in the comments!

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