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"This Is Us" Summary – Season 3, Episode 8: "Six Thanksgiving"

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The title of This Is Us & # 39; The Thanksgiving episode promises "Six Thanksgivings" and you can put your turkey feathers on it ] The show delivers every single one of these festivals.

The Pearsons and their buddies gather to ask the blessing of the Lord at various times and places of varying degrees of happiness. We meet Miguel's adult children (they are a handful) and watch Randall's campaign crack down on a serious wall. We see how William hits someone special and Tess reaches a big milestone (and tells us a little secret).

And finally, a long time ago in a distant war, we learn how Jack got this necklace

Continue reading for the highlights of the episode.

 This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Thanksgiving 18615 PEARSON FUN TIMES | The episode begins with a sharp shot of Rebecca crying, but it turns out that she cuts only onions for Thanksgiving dinner. Guys, the show officially trolls us. When Jack enters the kitchen, we can judge by his goatee that we are at The Big 3 Are Teenagers and things are going to get very bad very soon.

Rebecca notes that it's the last Thanksgiving with the kids. They still live in the house, and maybe they made a mistake by skipping a huge, extended family soiree. "Aw, c'mon," Jack reassures her. "Our families are terrible." (Heh.) Plus: Miguel comes over because it's his first Thanksgiving since he and Shelly divorced, and she has the kids for the day.

Mom and Dad Pearson are surprised to hear laughter They come out of the living room, where their three melancholy teens talk about Randall's college application essay question. Or rather, Kate and Kevin make fun of their brother, and he does not seem to be hurt too much.

The question at hand is, "Which person influenced your life the most?" K & K said his answer was about the firefighter who took him to the hospital on the day of his birth, and Jack agrees , But Randall's question as to how the question is fundamentally flawed, and everyone laughs when Miguel arrives. He argues with Shelly on the phone and it brings the space down fast .

EVERYONE LOVES A JACK PEP TALK! | Miguel has a hard time shaking off his vacation buddies, culminating in the moment he has to leave the room before he starts crying at the Pearsons dining table. Jack finds his vain buddy in the living room, where he blames him for not being a great dad. "We both know that I was not there for Andy and Amber as I should have done," mourns Miguel. "The work has always come first, and now I'm paying the price."

Jack admits that Miguel spent too much time in the office, but he also remembers the time Miguel learned to play golf just so it can become a major player that could do business on the green. And as soon as Miguel feels a little better, Jack advises him to continue with Amber and Andy: "They do not want to be 65 and do not know their grandchildren."

 This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Thanksgiving 18615 BETH V. JAE-WON, ROUND 1 | At the present time, Beth and Randall discuss the soup kitchen that hosts his campaign that day, and – stop, Randall just went out of the bathroom with his boxer slip and I need a minute.

Where were we? Oh yes – she thinks that Jae-won does not like the fact that she works for the campaign, but Randall tells her she's wrong. Finally, he reminds her that she had a ton of good ideas in the few weeks she was on the payroll.

The entire family (except Tess, who lingers because she does not feel well) drives two hours to Philadelphia, where Jae-won is quite angry because Beth changed the place of the charity meal. Councilman Brown, he argues, distributes turkeys in the district's largest soup kitchen, which is attracting the press's biggest attention.

"We do not need a photo. Randall has to connect with people, "Beth says, which is great and anything but one can do both and – frustrated Jae-won, Randall points out. The candidate takes Jae-won aside and says Beth is the "field director" of the campaign. Then he stops all further arguments with the words: "This is my wife, and she is real." And it is not open for discussion. "

 This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Thanksgiving 18615 BETH V. JAE-WON, ROUND 2 | As Annie and Deja recalling what it was like to be at the end of such a charity, Randall visits his potential voters. Everything is going well until Jae-won announces that he has called a favor and convinced a photographer to come for some good photos. Beth says no. Jae-won says it's a mistake. Things are getting loud quickly. (To hold it, Jae-won was right.) "I do not care if it's a mistake. She's my wife, "Randall says, and there's an angry" What are you going to do? "Tone that Beth picks up. Meanwhile Jae-won DONE … maybe forever?

As they prepare for departure, Beth wonders how many of her campaign ideas were indeed "amazing," as Randall said earlier. And when he hesitates, she realizes that he was just trying to make her well because she was fired and needed a victory. And then she feels worse.

At that moment, Beth's phone starts to jump (cell service in the soup kitchen was weak) and she says they must hurry home.

 This Us Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Thanksgiving 18615 A GREAT DAY FOR TESS | The reason for Beth's hurry? Tess called her the whole morning and sent her a text message because she got her rule for the first time and she's totally nuts. The girl is even more uncomfortable than Toby, who is preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with Kate at Randall while the family is in Philly, does not see his mother holding boxes of sanitary napkins and tampons. (Side note: You're a grown man, Toby, you can say the words, it's alright.)

But Kate is the image of serenity as she talks to her niece and assures her that all is well, and she should not. it's embarrassing. Then she'll talk a little bit about how Tess will grow up and how fast she'll have her first boyfriend. "Or a friend," Tess says shyly and later asks her aunt not to tell her people.

LIKE WILLIAM MET JESSE | Let's take a minute to talk about the subject again. This time we see the moment when William meets his friend Jesse at a meeting with Narcotics Anonymous. In the end, they eat together, and Jesse mentions that his marriage to a woman was "a complicated mismatch". William invites the British to hear him and some other sober musicians at the Thanksgiving meeting; When Jesse arrives, William gets annoyed that his guest talks to a woman most of the evening. "Relax, right?", Jesse taunts him at the end of the night. "She is my cousin." A relieved William simply replies, "I'm cool."

MIGUEL STEPS UP | In the present, Miguel is busy when he and Rebecca go to Scarsdale, NY, to have Thanksgiving with their children and their families. "I feel like a pity invitation," he confesses, but she says it will be great, and then they meet at Randall's for dessert.

Rebecca has many things, but all the time it is not one of them. The food is at best stilted and at worst confrontational; It is clear that Miguel and his children do not know much about each other, and his son is hostile to Rebecca after he finds out she has put nuts in a garnish, not knowing that Amber's husband is one Allergy has. "First, you steal my father from my mother, and now you're trying to kill my brother-in-law," he growls. "Sorry, too early?"

At this point, Miguel has had enough. He points out that he has made a great effort to keep his children in his life. "I was lucky if I got an e-mail from you." He points out that he and Rebecca had only been in contact again ten years after Jack's death and Shelly remarried, so is the vitriol aimed at the new Mrs. Rivas not provided. "Take all the shots you want … but once in a decade when you see Rebecca, show respect to my wife," he says.

Amber reaches for her father's hand. Andy looks really chaste. And Rebecca, who as always is merciful, skilfully bridges the uncomfortable moment by asking about the outcome of the football game.

TOBY (almost) ruined Thank you! | At Randall, Toby somehow manages to ruin the entire meal – including the turkey – in the short time that Kate is up. But she does not mind because she treated Tess's situation like a pro and is sure that she will be a great parent.

After Philly's contingent returns and Rebecca and Miguel arrive, everyone sits down to eat the food Cracker Barrel Delivery Food (among other fast food items) has procured Toby. Kevin and Zoe even FaceTime from Vietnam.

 This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8

NO UNIQUE UNEQUAL | The history of Vietnam is taking over Nicky still hates Jack / Vietnam / the war / the world, and Jack is confident that some more time to work out "that crap" out of his system, that's what it will be Brother really needs. Nicky refuses to skip the unit's Thanksgiving dinner. As the village woman wearing the necklace tries to carry two heavy buckets, Jack steps away from the meal to help her, and one of his comrades makes the picture that Kevin will cling to many years later.

Jack brings the leftovers to the woman, her young son, and a man who lives with them, whom I suspect to be her brother. The son cut his foot on the barbed wire of the camp some time ago, and he's not feeling well: the wound is infected, and despite many of his brother's roars, Jack is determined to help the boy. So he feeds Nicky, who's a paramedic, and orders him to cleanse the child's wound. Nicky refuses and says the Vietnamese are the enemy. There is much more to scream, and Nicky finally growls, but Jack manages to disinfect and wrap the incision and give the boy medication for his fever.

That evening, Jack scolds his brother that the only people in the village are "women, children, and old men." Then Nicky tells a story about how his commander, both from his men and from the villagers nearby was loved by their camp, killed in their sleep, when the Viet Cong threw a bomb into his bunk – and the person who led the VC directly to the dead man was the seemingly friendly old woman who had cut her hair. " You can be nice to them if you want, Jack, but it's not just women and kids, "Nicky reminds his brother.

The little boy heals, his mother is grateful and thanks Jack for giving her her medallion

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