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This Lego Porsche 911 looks like a murderous cartoon frog

Image: Porsche

This is what Porsche calls the "Porsche Lego Big Brick 91

1 Turbo 3.0", which is based on a real car and has a name that is just as complicated as most other real Porsche cars. Porsche calls this Lego version "unique," but all I can see when I look at it is a murderous cartoon frog that's also a chariot.

This Lego car does not look very much like its classic 911 counterpart with a real engine and normal-sized tires, though it looks like it's the target. It looks like my drawings of a frog in first grade look like green, unnaturally round eyes with creepy-centered pupils, a geometric mouth with a forced smile that makes parents look like sinister motives.

Image: Porsche

Even the dimensions do not line up. It is strange. But Porsche decided that it was cool enough to be exhibited in his museum in Germany, which at least gives us hope that one of our creations will one day be museum worthy – especially because Lego models usually look better. 19659006] Here is a Ferrari Formula 1 Lego car model that looks very real unlike this Porsche. (It should be noted that the F1 car was made with small Legos, while the 911 was made in large Lego bricks that give it a much smarter look.)

Inspired by this loose definition of art that the Life mimics Porsche and its rather spooky 911 I decided to draw a portrait of my cat today, fittingly called Portia.

Photo: Alanis King (Jalopnik)

Looks at museum value.

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