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This lighter helps smokers get into the habit of kicking

His only product is a black, gaseous cigarette lighter for $ 129, based on a combination of tracking, some shame and flame retardancy.

The device, which is filled with sensors and artificial intelligence, spends the first week getting acquainted with the frequency of the user's typical smoking.

A companion app collects the data via Bluetooth and creates a custom plan that allows smokers to gradually reduce or switch off cigarette consumption. On the screen of the lighter, a countdown is displayed informing the smoker how many minutes remain before he is allowed to smoke again.

The key of the system occurs between these times: The ignition of the flame is deactivated, so that the smoker can not light up. However, it has a button that allows users to sneak into a smoke. Founder Samer El Gharib said that some smokers without a cheat button would inevitably return to a normal lighter.

"If you want to light a cigarette outside of your scheduled time, you have to cheat," Gharib told CNN Business. "But by pressing this button, you have to admit to us and yourself that you are cheating."

  The Slighter is a cigarette lighter that tries to help smokers quit smoking.

It may seem counterproductive, but the app actually reminds users to smoke.

"This is the science of behaviorism, which states that you can teach everything through a carefully designed program step by step reinforcement," said Gharib. "Whenever they are conditioned, the algorithm will detect this and we will start removing notifications from their program."

The USB device sends notifications to the user in three different ways: a light on the screen, haptic vibration, and a sound.

But a habit that Slighter can not fend off is steaming, which does not require a lighter at all.

Although the global tobacco market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, smoking cessation has seen rapid growth, catching up with other markets. It is expected to reach $ 4.4 billion by 2023.
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The team behind the unit comes from Lebanon, a country that not known for a dynamic startup ecosystem.

"We have trouble running technology because we lack the infrastructure," Gharib said. "But we have very talented engineers, and I believe that with the help of Lebanese central bank funds, our ideas and business come into the world."

The device, which can be pre-ordered, is expected to ship later this year.

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