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This new HyperJuice 100W GaN charger could be the charger of your dreams

Gallium nitride chargers have been getting faster and faster since their launch this year – we started with 30W and 45W chargers, then with small 61W devices, then with a 60W charger with two USB C connectors and then with a small 65 W charger charger with two USB C connectors and a USB A connector in September. Now we may have a new charging king on the wall when Hyper launched a Kickstarter for the HyperJuice 100W GaN charger – delivering the maximum performance that the USB-C meets the current standard in a package of about The size of a battery can raise a pile of cards.

There are a total of two USB C ports and two USB A ports:

The back has built-in prongs that fold out so you can plug them into a wall outlet. But be careful if you put it in a wall – the charger sticks out so far that it's pretty easy to catch and accidentally fails. Powerful 15-inch MacBook Pro and an iPhone 11 Pro at the same time or 13-inch pro and one MacBook Air – because it uses gallium nitride (GaN), which is more efficient than silicon because it can withstand higher voltages and run power faster than silicon cans – which has the advantage of opening up more opportunities for small but powerful chargers like the HyperJuice.

If this really looks like your dream wall charger and you want to support it, you'll probably get it. Get the promised product from Hyper – the company has a good track record in crowdfunding since it's Kickstarter in the past successfully used for marketing and pre-orders. Other Kickstarted products include the Sanho HyperCube, which lets you add USB and microSD storage to your phone charger, and the HyperJuice USB-C battery, which was the first to support the 100W USB-C power profile 3.0 ,

According to HyperJuice, the 100W GaN wall charger will ship to Early Bird supporters (which are already sold out) in January 2020 and to other Kickstarter supporters in February 2020. If you support it now on Kickstarter, you get it a bit cheaper than the expected retail price of $ 99 – but how cheap it depends on what level you buy and how fast you do it.

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