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This Nintendo Labo cardboard box is awesome UPS

Nintendo's Labo for the Switch has shown that cardboard boxes are not just for cats, and now the UPS Store comes into action with a DIY Labo carrying case. The courier company is probably more used to using its boxes for packaging, but the brand board gets a second life as a trolley for your Labo creations.

Nintendo Labo, if you can not keep up, is the unexpectedly successful paperboard accessory kit for the Switch handheld. Already announced in January, this is an accessory package that requires some manual skills to get up and running. Before you can use every part, you have to fold it up.

The result is a wide range of accessories that, if they were not made of cardboard, would probably throw you back much more than Labo actually does. Nintendo calls them Toy-Cons: Among other things, there is a piano keyboard, an RC car, a fishing rod and a motorcycle, each with accompanying apps and games that bring them to life. Nintendo leaves open the way for more in the future.

Of course, what makes Labo affordable is also relatively fragile compared to plastic or metal add-ons. This is where the UPS Store comes into play. The local team took up the idea of ​​Papercraft (more specifically, Papp-Handwerk) and built an individual carrying case for a Labo set.

It consists entirely of the shipping company's own packaging, collapsed and with cut-out bays for each Labo piece for safe stowage. A handle and some wheels make the whole thing wearable. UPS calls it "The Labo Toy-Con-Tainer" and it's not surprising that it's already a hit on Twitter.

Now there are calls for instructions on how to create your own, which UPS seems to signal that they are being released, but not yet. "A packing and shipping shop never tells its secrets," the company tweeted on a request. "Except maybe we will."