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This robot is drilling a hole in your skull – Tech News

While the idea of ​​robots digging holes in our skulls looks like a dystopian image from a "Terminator" movie, the reality is much less alarming.

RoBoSculpt, a new surgical robot developed by researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, was created to safely mill a cavity of the desired size in the skull base of a patient with "submillimetre precision".

"This is an important step in the direction of the operating room of the future, RoBoSculpt is an optimal collaboration between the surgeon and the machine," says skull-basher Dirk Kunst, co-supervisor of the project.

More than 1

00,000 people worldwide have skull base surgery every year. It is often used to treat infections or cancer or to insert hearing implants.

Performing the procedure can be uncomfortable for surgeons as they have to work for hours with extreme concentration to accomplish the difficult task. It is said that the robot – described as a "very advanced arm" – can shorten the duration of the procedure and possibly reduce the stress and cost of surgery for the patient.

RoBoSculpt is expected to complete its first operation within five years. – dpa

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