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This week in Android: Huawei never ending suffering

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The big news this week was the result of Trump's decision to include Huawei in the list of well-known companies last week. The dominoes fell when Google Huawei revoked access to Android on Sunday. Since then, Qualcomm, Intel, Arm, SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, and others have separated from Chinese companies to comply with US law. Keep track of the whole story in our handy schedule for Huawei Vs. Trump.

This has not stopped Huawei from advancing the release of the Honor 20 Pro, which offers a first-rate experience at an outstanding price. However, the jury is not sure yet if you should buy a Huawei phone because the updates are only guaranteed until August 29th. This could all be over when a trade deal is negotiated beforehand, but at the moment everything is tarnished uncertainty.

In other news we got our first look at Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7S, a promising device in the middle of the Note 7 series. We also need to test the Fxtec Pro1, a phone with a controversial discard feature: a physical QWERTY keyboard.

Here are the top 10 Android stories of the week.

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This week, everything revolved around Huawei. Find out what we think about the decision to banish the Chinese giant from the most lucrative market in the world. Listen to the whole episode below!

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