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This week in Android: OnePlus North, Pixel 4 giveaway

First look oneplus nord forward

Recognition: OnePlus

One word: north.

Carl Pei and the OnePlus team are keen to rethink what made OnePlus a fan favorite, namely good specifications at an affordable price. Originally touted as a flagship killer, we’ll see if OnePlus still has it all. While their newer phones are just “simple” flagships, the upcoming OnePlus Nord promises to be a high-quality mid-range phone at an affordable price.

In an interview with Android Authority, Carl Pei explains:

… the OnePlus Nord is our concentrated effort to address more consumers at a lower price …

Carl Pei

What is the OnePlus Nord and should you look forward to it?

  • This is the OnePlus Nord: see the first look in a new teaser video
  • OnePlus Nord: Everything we know so far
  • Carl Pei from OnePlus explains why the Nord is more than a OnePlus X successor
  • The OnePlus Nord could be a fan favorite, but is not made for fans
  • Is the North really a new start for OnePlus? It doesn’t seem that way
  • Therefore the OnePlus Nord does not come to the USA

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Sales of the week:

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  • Our AA TechDeals deal of the week: Master the guitar for $ 39

International giveaway for Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 xl revised camera

Recognition: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

This week we’re giving away a brand new Google Pixel 4 smartphone. Google’s current flagship. Enter this week’s Sunday gift for your chance to win!

Enter the giveaway here

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