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This year's iPhones could come in new colors, but probably not these colors – BGR

Apple expects to launch three new iPhones this fall, including an affordable 6.1-inch model with LCD screen and two 5.8-inch and 6-inch OLED iPhone X successors , 5 inches. All three phones are expected to have the same design as the 2017 flagship, including the notch.

Some reports claim that the 2018 iPhone X models will be available in a whole range of new colors – the original is only available in matte black. boring – but better looking white. A leaked image shows the iPhone X in two supposedly new colors, but certainly not real.

Posted on TechnoCodex The following images allegedly show iPhone iPhone prototypes from India with green and purple backs. There are no further details about these devices.

Source: 9to5Mac

We need to wait for Apple to see the new iPhones unveiled this fall, whether green and purple are in the cards, but that seems very unlikely colors for the upcoming flagships. If they are real, I take black or white every day over these colors.

Photoshop is the easiest way to explain the photos. There is also a chance that we are looking for custom finishes for the current iPhone X model.

The only iPhone model 2018 to be available in several colors, a la iPhone 5c style, is the cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone. The device is supposedly missing a double camera on the back. And this back wall should not be glass according to previous reports.

The iPhone on the above pictures has a dual-lens camera and a glass back. So it's not the 6.1-inch iPhone.

One analyst said not long ago that Apple may be painting the cheaper LCD iPhone in different colors to distinguish it from the high-end iPhone X (2018) phones. The colors he suggested were blue, pink and yellow. PhoneArena pictured the iPhone 8 in these colors, as can be seen below

Source: PhoneArena

Apple's 2018 iPhone X Versions should be unveiled in mid-September and shipped to stores by the beginning of October at the latest.

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