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Thousands in Florida May Not Get Electricity Back for Weeks

They estimated that more than half of the city's roughly 20,000 residents do not have generators.

Starlia Jackson, 56, spent Sunday afternoon huddled outside with her dogs, Romeo and Pooh. The old camper rocked from side to side during the storm's afternoon.

Since the storm, Ms. Jackson has lived on strawberry soda, canned tuna and bottled water. Jackson is low on propane gas, and on money to buy more.

They can not take two pets with them to a shelter, so they now plan to stay, they have not used them in years next to the camper.

"No power for possibly two months? Are you serious? "She asked. "I have no idea what I am going to do for that kind of time.

Wanda Grigsby stepped among the fallen trees and limbs to find a clear spot in her yard. She was brutally wearing heat shorts, a T-shirt and rubber boots. Hurricane Michael has brought forth her tears: It has been ripped off chimneys of her house's roof and dumped on an impossibly thick layer of pink insulation all over the kitchen, living room and the. Even if it's been cleaned up, the power will not come back soon, and that's it! "

" I have my 6-year-old grandson with me – no way can we do this, Said Ms. Grigsby, 54, who is using a caretaker for her mother. Jacksonville for a while. "

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