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Three reasons why the Bears' offensive against patriot defenses should succeed

Each team will try to plan against what their opponent does best. Not every team has it as good as Bill Belichick in his Hall of Fame tenure as coach of the New England Patriots.

But Belichick is famous for that, apart from the five Super Bowl trophies and the historic partnership with Tom Brady. What makes your team's offensive the best? He will take it away.

This can be a mental challenge for an opposing coach during the week. Are you concentrating on doing something other than what makes your offense the best, because Belichick will identify and reject it, or are you trying to emphasize what you do best so that it can not be taken away?

"That's the whole thing chasing the cat's tail," said Bear's coach Matt Nagy. "Suddenly you start thinking ̵

1; to yourself:" What the hell? "That's mysticism, and they do, and they've earned it over time because of their success."

"If you're not too crazy about it and balance it and control what you can control. Then, in the end, win, lose or lose, no matter what, you at least feel good, you have approached the right path, and you were not, "Oh, shoot, I should have done that." Shoulda, culda, willa. & # 39; "

When Taylor Gabriel and the Atlanta Falcons faced the Patriots in the Super Bowl LI, everyone in the team knew that Belichick would do what he could to take Julio Jones out of the game. But that did not ease the preparations.

"We knew he would take Julio away, but we did not know how to do it," Gabriel said. "So it's just something you have to adapt to when you come into play."

Jones had only four catches in the game and the Hawks quickly got used to how he was taken away – but it was not enough to save them from a historic collapse and the loss of overtime.

Close Dion Sims played eight times in New England during his four years with the Miami Dolphins and came away with a healthy respect for the system and the players of that defense.

"They are basically healthy, they got good coaching there, a good team," said Sims. "You have to be prepared, because they come out and they play their ass off."

But what should give the bears the confidence that they can mentally and physically defend New England's defense?

. 1 Defending the Patriots is not what it used to be

The way Bear's coaches and players talked about defending New England this week was awe and respect. But lately the Patriots' defense production has not quite reached its reputation.

Perhaps in 2017, Nagy's Kansas City Chiefs started 42 points and more than 500 yards offensive against New England in the national televised start of the season in 2017. Perhaps the Super Bowl LII, in which the Philadelphia Eagles rescued 41 points with a backward quarterback, was another turning point. Or perhaps the Patriots' 43-40 victory over the Chiefs on Sunday night, which looked more like a Big 12 game than an NFL game, further away from this mystique.

New England's defense heads to Chicago ranked 18th in points (24.7) and has allowed 400 or more meters offensive in four out of six games this year. They are 19th on the defensive DVOA, though Pro Football Focus's scores put this group fourth behind the Bears, Rams and Eagles.

What makes this defense good is to take the ball away, with eight interceptions and four fumble recoveries critical to support a defense that is not good on third down (44 percent conversion rate, 25). or in the red zone (68 percent, 26). But as long as the ball safety of the Bears is better than their two-turn inside five-yard line, which will be shown on Sunday in Miami, an offensive that has scored 48 and 28 points in the last two games should be in good shape his .

. 2 Multiple Weapons

Like Belichick's plans for a Bears offense, which has been explosive and prolific in the last two weeks, will be intriguing on Sunday. Maybe it's Tarik Cohen who, according to Belichick, is "a special player you always need to know where he is." Maybe he'll see to it that Taylor Gabriel does not beat her ("The execution was like 99 out of 100," Belichick told Mitch Trubisky's 54-meter ball against Gabriel against Miami, or maybe seven or eight people will go down in the coverage, Spying on Trubisky and forcing the second year bear to make good decisions and grab passports in narrow windows, or maybe it will be something else altogether.

However, this is due to the guessing game, and it is one that the Bears should not be allowed.

"I think you can spend too much time on it," Nagy said, "I'll take a look at that and I think I said it before, it may be like the tail You need to watch out for it, and if you care only about what you're doing – and of course here and there, then you might be a little bit different – but if you're just starting to do things differently, because of egg One of my trainers, now you've stopped thinking about what I can control, and I have not had much success with it.

The good news for the Bears, however, is that they seem to have a variety of weapons to beat a Belichick defense Kansas City showed it on Sunday – when the Patriots took away Kelce, Kareem Hunt racked up 185 yards from scrimmage while Tyreek Hill slammed New England for 142 yards on seven catches with three touchdowns.

So, if the plan is to take Cohen off, it could lead to chances for Gabriel, or vice versa, or if the plan is seven or eight to take cover, Jordan Howard would give an opportunity to work the yards on the ground.

"They use all their players, the backs, the tight ends, the receivers, the quarterback, they all have production, so "If you take one away, they'll just go to the next guy and that's hard to defend," Belichick said. "There are a lot of options on some of these games, the guy will end up with the ball deciding on a quarterback, whether it's a check-in game with me, blisters and look passports and RPOs and stuff. It's up to the quarterback to make the right decision, and Trubisky did a good job. I think all these things, they are getting better and they are hard to defend.

3. History repeats itself

In Nagy's only encounter with New England as Kansas City's offensive coordinator, his offense scored 42 points – and this number was said to be in bear dressing rooms and exercise fields this week. [19659002] "You have to enter this game with confidence and know that we are playing against a great group of guys who have ever been in the Super Bowl and have Tom Brady on the other side," Sims said. "It's important that we exploit everything and try to be faultless. "

" What the defense gives you is what the offense will take – what good crimes will do, "said Gabriel." I feel like we're in the cabin and on the field have this kind of mind to figure out what these guys are doing and how we want to attack them. "

The insult of the Bears is young from coach to offensive coordinator to most players populate it. Beating New England, though his defense is not what it once was, would send a message around the league that the bears are real. Until the Patriots are dethroned in successive years, or even a season with less than say, we end 12 victories, they are still the patriots.

But while this team is young, it has a handful of people competing against New England in some of the NFL's biggest stadiums. So expect people like Gabriel, Burton, and even Nagy to not let this team make the Patriots daunting on Sunday.

"It's not that hard," Gabriel said that he wanted to avoid thinking about this mystique. "Just like this team, we have the weapons to exploit these one-to-one matchups, I do not care what kind of defense you are, you'll have a one-on-one match somewhere, if you do not all As long as you keep up the pace and are confident about what you're doing, I feel we're fine. "

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