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Three thrown out after a bad fight tarnish the end of the Steelers Browns

CLEVELAND – Three players were ejected following a fierce brawl in the final seconds of the Steelers-Browns' Thursday night play, in which Cleveland's defensive play struck Myles Garrett Mason Rudolph with the Pittsburgh quarterback helmet.

The fierce melee began when Rudolph passed a pass at the end of the fourth quarter to run back to Trey Edmunds and was then pulled down by Garrett. Rudolph seemed to be trying to detach Garrett's helmet while they were on the ground before the Browns' defensive demolition toppled the QB's helmet as she got up, took a swing with it and joined Rudolph's helmetless head.

Players from both sides spilled the field as it happened. Steelers Center Maurkice Pouncey jumped on Garrett, hit him and kicked him as Steeler's teammate David DeCastro Garrett hit the ground.

Garrett, Pouncey and Brown's defensive duel against Larry Ogunjobi were ejected. Ogunjobi had pushed Rudolph to the ground from behind after Garrett hit the QB.

"I lost control and I regret it," Garrett said. "I appreciate it when my team had my back, but it should never have come this far."

Garrett and Pouncey are both likely facing a suspension. The longest ban on an incident on the pitch in the history of the NFL are the five games that Albert Haynesworth got in 2006 because he had trampled on Andrew Gurode's head should be suspended. "I do not know – but I know it was the Bush League, it's a complete coward, I understand, but it's okay, I suppose I will not back down from bullying." So we'll see what happens.

Pouncey urged the NFL to act.

"Absolutely, absolutely – 100 percent," he said when asked if Garrett should be banned for the rest of the season. "We'll see how serious The NFL with their players is. "

Players and coaches from both sides condemned what happened.

" It's inexcusable, "Brown's quarterback Baker Mayfield Fox said after the game," I do not care if it's is a rivalry or not. "

When asked about melee, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told reporters," I'll keep my thoughts to myself. You saw what happened in the end. "Tomlin said," That's what I said; I have not received a comment. … No further questions, because I'm not saying anything. "

Brown coach Freddie Kitchens said," I'm embarrassed, Myles is embarrassed. It is not good. "

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