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Tiffany Haddish tells of a sexual assault she experienced as a teenager.

In a new glamor magazine cover story, the 38-year-old comedian revealed she was raped by a police cadet at the age of 17.

"This whole experience has brought me into such a confused place for so long Place, and I finally went to the consultation, "said an emotional Haddish of the magazine.

Haddish, who in the upcoming comedies "Night School" and "Nobody's Fool," she said at the time about the attack, but did not elaborate on what has become of it.

Tiffany Haddish reports on the September issue of Glamor [Photo: Billy Kidd / Glamor]

This is n For the first time the breakout star of "Girls Trip" has heard publicly about her attack spoken.

Last year, Haddish said details about the incident on the podcast "The Champs" that she had been raped on her night homecoming dance

The comedian said her attacker had lied about his age and befriended her, after meeting at a family member baseball game. He offered to introduce her to his younger brother, said Haddish.

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On the night of high school dance, Haddish said the man offered to take her home but things got worse when he put them in his place instead.

"So we come there and we come to his place and I see how, handcuffs and a police uniform and I'm like, 'What's that? Is that like a Halloween costume or something? "Remembered Haddish." And he's like, "No, I'm a cadet, I train to be in the police. I want to become a policeman in the end. "… The next thing I know, I have an arm in my handcuff and he nailed me."

Haddish said she had tried to fight her attacker with a held-back hand during the attack.

"He raped me, he was stronger than me," she recalled the podcast as she started to cry. "It was the worst feeling in the world."

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The actress told Glamor that the experience has turned her into someone who is always on the defense to protect herself against unwanted rapprochements of men.

"I notice that men are scared of women who are aggressive, and to protect me, I become half-aggresive," she said. "You hear about it," Tiffany always suggests someone, "but that's to prevent them from meeting me."


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