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Tiger decapitated, cards 7 in island green from TPC

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – For the first time in his Players Championship career, Tiger Woods put two balls into the water on the 17th hole of Par-3, ruining his excellent start to his second round. [19659002] Woods pulled his first shot with a short iron on the hole, which was surrounded by water when it went and went and rolled into the water. The hole played 146 meters. He then made it out of the 100-yard drop range once more, leading to a fourfold bogey 7 – his highest score in 69 holes in TPC Stadium Square. Woods had to take penalties after each water ball and then putted out 20 feet two.

It was the only ball in the water that was in the water to this point.

Woods, who had on The 9th, 9th and 16th holes were beaten by Birdie to come below 5 and were eighth in the tournament, two shots behind the leader. The fourfold bogey dropped him to 1-1 and a draw for 57th, just one shot into the cutting line.

The 80-time PGA Tour winner opened the tournament on Thursday with a 2: 1 parity of 70. In 17 Woods, 43, had previously received five top 10 finishes, including victories over the years 2001 and 2013.

By the time he reached the day, Woods had hit only four balls in the water on the 17th of his career.

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