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The first ball Eli Hydes ever got in a baseball game was a historic Thursday afternoon.

Hydes, The Detroit Tigers fan had just reached his place in Comerica Park when Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels made a long run to the left and became the third player to collect 2,000 career RBIs.

Hydes squeezed the ball as it bounced between the seats on the concrete floor and had a bit of history.

But despite generous efforts by the Tigers and Angels, Hydes decided to keep the baseball, though Major League Baseball would not authenticate the ball after he left the park with it.

"I'm not here for the money, I just came here for beer and play," Hydes said in an interview with Fox Sports Detroit during the game. a loss of 13: 0 for the tigers.

Pujols said the fan had "the right to keep it."

Hydes was not satisfied with how the baseball security team approached the situation.

The following happened: