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Tiger out of match After the missing 4-foot putt

AUSTIN, Texas – Tiger Woods lost his quarter-final win against Danes Lucas Bjerregaard at the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play on Saturday as he swam past the 18th hole. Woods had two laps through six holes, but lost seventh and tenth place before preparing for 11th place when Bjerregaard was bogeyed. Both players had birdies on the 12th and 13th holes, but on the 15th it was a 15-meter Eagle Putt who combined the match.

On the 17th par 3 both players visited the match and sent the match to the 18th, where everyone hit the rough in the right side.

And here Woods made a costly mistake. His rough flop was running out and in the bunker, with Bjerregaard bumping into 16 feet from a similar distance. Bjerregaard missed the birdie-putt, but Woods failed to make the 4-foot line for Par and ended his tournament.

"We read it on the left in the left center and the putt went to the left," Woods said about the missed shot. "I went back and hit it again, and it did the same thing, just one of those weird places."

Asked if he would like to go to Master's here in two weeks, Woods said, "No, I'm not, I wanted to play tomorrow, it'll take a few days and then I'll come back."

Earlier in the day, Woods 2 and 1

prevailed Rory McIlroy at the Austin Country Club to advance to the quarter-finals by the afternoon.

Woods had no trouble stopping McIlroy in the early lap and he set up a 2-up lead with the birdies on the fifth and sixth holes. Then he was on the 10th when McIlroy missed a 3-footer

But McIlroy turned things around with his own birdies on the 12th and 13th holes and then appeared in the best position to crack the match at par 5.

With Woods he had to play sideways out of a fairway bunker Then McIlroy hit his third place on the 25-meter foot and was on the fairway after he had bombed his tee 395 yards, he had just 173 yards left which perhaps only needed a 9-iron, but he fluttered to the right he was in a clumsy posture, the ball in front of a bunker, his feet in it.

He was only about 100 feet tall Eet out of the hole, but McIlroy pounced on the green for a long time, and with the spectators out of the way, the ball hit a wooden bulkhead. After considering a drop, McIlroy made an unplayable lie, had to return to the original spot, found the front bunker and blasted out – before he conceded. Woods never hit a putt.

Woods finished the game after McIlroy had shot an almost long birdie putt on the 17th.

Woods had not made it to the tournament since 2008, the last of his three victories. 19659014]
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