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Tiger win opener … and then not

DETROIT (AP) – Nicholas Castellanos slips over the home side, Pittsburgh catcher Francisco Cervelli lunges at him – and for a few fleeting moments, the Detroit Tigers rushed onto the field to celebrate an opening day victory.

Meanwhile, the pirates waited for a possible pardon.

"We thought we had a shot, a legitimate shot to get the game in our way, the piece went our way because we made a good throw and well enough day to get it before he did touched the plate, "said Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle. "At the end of the day, just wait and see what they say in New York."

In fact, the call was canceled and Castellanos was ruled out ̵

1; a replay reversal that angered the Tigers over an hour later after Gregory Polanco's three-run homer scored a 13-10 victory in Friday's 13th inning Pittsburgh on Friday.

Castellanos was initially considered safe, winning in the bottom 10th position, but as the review drew to a close, the rejoicing ceased a little, and the Detroit players patiently waited outside their dugout for a word from the umpires.

Tiger Manager Ron Gardenhire was not so calm as soon as it came. In his first game since 2014, he was ejected after the call was turned.

Then the teams continued to play.

"We had a lot of games that needed clear and conclusive evidence of knocking over, and there was an angle that looked like he could have hugged me in. Let's turn the game around and not let the tigers win "Castellanos said with more than a hint of sarcasm. "It does not seem to be really consistent how the process was done in the past."

Polanco's 3-0 lead from Alex Wilson (0-1) to the center of the right gave the Pirates a comfortable lead – or as comfortable as on a crazy day when both teams scored four times in the ninth round.

Detroit put down two men in the 13th game, but Steven Brault (1-0) defended his third goalless draw.

When the 5-hour game of 27 minutes ended, there were only three referees and one manager left. Plate umpire Mike Everitt ended in eighth with a concussion after being hit by a bad luck in the mask.

Detroit's franchise record series of six victories in the season opener has been cracked.

This game was postponed one day due to rain on Thursday. The temperature was initially 36 degrees.

The Tigers had loaded the bases and nobody was in the first and fifth place, but could not score. In the second half, they went 2-0 in the lead when Mikie Mahtook, Jose Iglesias and Dixon Machado went with double successes in the lead.

Cervelli's double marked a 3-run fourth for Pittsburgh, and Miguel Cabrera hit a double-win double in a four-run sieve for the Tigers. The Pirates scored twice in the eighth round to tie them at 6.

Starling Marte's Triple started for Pittsburgh with a four-run, but narrower Felipe Rivero failed to finish the Tigers in the bottom half. He allowed James McCann a double victory and was eventually drawn. Machado hit a double from Josh Smoker with two outs to make 10-All.

"I saw some people who were at the top of the ninth," said Tigers bank manager Steve Liddle, who later spoke to reporters instead of Gardenhire. "I think with this team you might want to stay with us."

JaCoby Jones hit the single, which initially seemed to score Castellanos, but the game on the plate was close to a throw of the left fielder Corey Dickerson.

"I did not feel any label, and Cervelli says, 'I can not believe they overturned it,'" Castellanos said. "So two people involved in the play were shocked."

Cervelli said he had tagged Castellanos, and his surprise at the reversal was more because of the situation.

"I could not believe it because of the extra innings, but he was out there," said Cervelli. "I thought they would leave it like this."


Detroit's Jordan Carpenter allowed four runs and six goals in six innings on the opening day of his career. He hit eight and went one, looking rather sharply aside from the fourth inning.

Pittsburgh's Ivan Nova allows two runs and six hits in five innings. He went three and hit four.


It was an exciting game, but not a particularly clean game. Polanco missed a flyball to the right, who went for a double, and he was also doubled by third base for third out of eighth.

McCann had a throwing error as well as an outdated ball that scored a run – and he was also asked to interfere with the catcher.


Pirates: Pittsburgh began the season with RHPs Nick Burdi (Elbow Surgery) and A.J. Schugel (shoulder complaints) on the disability list.

Tiger: RHP's Mike Fiers (lumbar strain) and Johnny Barbato (forearm stretch) started the season on the DL. … Mahtook's face seemed to be scraping over the dirt as he made an awkward head slide on his second inning double, but he came up laughing and seemed to be alright.


Detroit's RHP Michael Fulmer (10-12, 3.83 ERA last season) starts Saturday against RHP Trevor Williams (7-9, 4.07). Last August, Williams allowed a goal in seven scoreless innings in a win over the Tigers.

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